Psychological advantage of massage

Psychological advantage of massage

Massage saves from fatigue in body, kills muscle, joints pain. The massage session also makes favorable impact and on mentality. Experts quite often recommend to people with apathy or depression from time to time to visit the massage therapist. But also quite healthy person can feel psychological advantage of massage after the first procedure.

It is important for achievement of the most positive psychological impact that massage was carried out in comfortable conditions. It is necessary to establish confidential connection with the massage therapist that relaxation at the level of body and mentality has occurred quicker, was notable and pleasant. Therefore important seriously to approach the choice and the expert, and type of massage. If after the first session the negative feelings dominate over positive, it is better to look for other massage therapist in the company of whom it will be really warm, cozy and quiet.

During the session of massage the stress level decreases, the quantity of cortisol which is considered stress hormone decreases. At the same time production of serotonin because of what the mood gradually improves increases.

Cases when pain in body is connected not with problems at the physiological level are frequent. They appear as result of reaction of mentality to certain negative or injuring circumstances. Thanks to psychological impact of massage such pains and unpleasant feelings in body, muscular clips and blocks are dissolved, cease to disturb.

Massage can be both invigorating, and weakening, calming. For example, invigorating massage is shown to people who have faced symptoms of apathy or who feel strong lack of energy. It loads with forces, awakens internal motivation. After the session the self-confidence increases, desire something appears to do, to work somehow. The weakening massage will present tranquility and pacification. It is necessary if the person feels strong physical or mental strain, difficult fills up and in general sleeps badly. Massage helps to struggle with insomnia caused by alarm and stress including because serotonin is predecessor of hormone of melatonin which promotes that the dream was sweet and strong.

During massage the internal monologue (dialogue) which in usual time can strongly strain, irritate gradually calms down. The quantity alarming, uneasy, the notions of compulsion and images decreases. In some cases during the procedure or after it the person can test insights – peculiar inspirations. Sudden correct decisions, answers to the concerning questions, the creative ideas come to mind. The person can even feel inflow of unknown inspiration which will push him to new fulfillments and creative breaks.

The psychological advantage of massage is as well in what for some time of people kind of comes off reality. It can stay alone with itself(himself), feel rest and harmony in soul and body which quite often remain also after the session. When the body relaxes, also the mentality relaxes. Relaxation at the mental level exempts from experiences, fears and negative feelings, emotions which could collect inside. There is pleasant feeling of ease and freedom, it becomes easier to breathe, and mood, by itself, increases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team