Recipes of ginger face packs and hair

Recipes of ginger face packs and hair

Ginger is widely used in traditional medicine, dietology, cookery and also cosmetology. So, on its basis prepare effective and safe house masks for hair and face.

The root of ginger is rich with calcium, manganese, sodium, vitamins A and In, cellulose, amino acids, essential oils and other valuable components. Thanks to so diverse structure of ginger, the masks prepared on its basis can be used at treatment of acne rash, for removal of inflammation and irritation, improvement of complexion, at recovery of elasticity and elasticity of skin.

The ginger mask for which preparation will be necessary has the rejuvenating effect:

- ¼ glasses of fresh mint leaves; - banana;

- 3 tablespoons of honey; - glass of juice of spinach; - small root of ginger.

The peeled ginger is crushed in the blender, then take 2 tablespoons of such gruel and connected to other components. Further the structure is crushed before receiving homogeneous mass. The ready mask is applied to the cleaned skin and left for 20-22 minutes. Wash away rejuvenating "cocktail" warm water. Similar procedures should be performed twice-three times a week. The cosmetic prepared according to such recipe can be stored in densely closed glass capacity in the fridge of 7 days: in week it will not lose the valuable properties. The ginger mask can help to get rid of black dots and eels. For its preparation it is necessary to take: - ½ tsps of honey; - 3 tsps of sour cream; - ½ tsps of lemon juice; - 2-3 capsules of vitamin E; - ½ tsps of the crushed ginger. Honey, ginger gruel, sour cream and lemon juice are carefully mixed. After structure enrich with vitamin E. Nutritious means is applied to the prepared skin and leave this mask for 30-35 minutes. Wash away ginger mix warm water. The recommended frequency of implementation of such medical procedures – twice a week.

At skin of fat type instead of sour cream take natural yogurt.

Besides, ginger – effective remedy for growth, health and beauty of hair. On its basis do the masks struggling with excessive hair loss, awakening the hair bulbs cleaning head skin from dandruff, allocating hair with magnificent gloss and strengthening them. At fat type of hair recommend to do ginger mask which can be prepared from the following components: - 5-6 tablespoons of the fat-free kefir; - 1 tablespoons of the crushed root; - 1 tsps of lemon juice; - 1 tablespoons of honey. Kefir, juice, honey and ginger gruel are carefully mixed then the mask is applied on damp locks and head skin. For strengthening of effect of cosmetic put on plastic bag the head and wrap it in terry towel. No more than 15 minutes hold ginger mask then wash away warm water with soft shampoo.

Regular consumption of ginger in food considerably will improve condition of skin and head of hear.

The mask prepared on the basis of ginger will help to activate growth of hair. For it it is necessary to take: - 2 tablespoons of the crushed root; - 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil. Components mix then cover with the turned-out structure damp locks (on all their length) and head skin. From above the head is wrapped in food wrap and put on woolen cap. 13-15 minutes later the mask stimulating growth of hair wash away warm water with shampoo. Not less than 2 times a week for 1.5-2 months in a row recommend to perform these procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team