Recipes of house wrapping. We struggle with cellulitis in the best ways

Recipes of house wrapping. We struggle with cellulitis in the best ways

Wrapping is reliable remedy for disposal of extra kilos. This method also helps to eliminate "orange-peel", or cellulitis. There are many recipes of house wrappings: with clay, with seaweed, with honey.

As a result of wrapping the blood supply of organism improves, toxins and excess liquid are removed. Skin at the same time is cleaned, rejuvenates, saturated with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to wrapping there is regeneration of integument: old cages peel. There are two types of wrappings: hot and cold. When these types are combined, contrast wrapping turns out. In cold wrapping the weight loss is possible thanks to sharp narrowing of vessels. And in hot wrapping the vessels, on the contrary, extend. Remember that wrapping is big load of organism. You do not carry out the procedure if you are tired and badly you feel.

One day before wrapping it is not desirable to carry out epilation.

For holding procedure of wrapping it is necessary to prepare mix, food wrap, warm clothes, blanket, bathing towel. In the beginning take contrast shower: rub problem places rigid bast or srub. Then dry wipe skin towel. Apply mix for wrapping on stomach, sides, hips and other problem places. Then densely wrap body food wrap. Put on warm clothes, lay down on sofa and take cover blanket. Carry out in such condition of 30-40 minutes. You can enjoy the pleasant and weakening music at this time. After holding procedure unwind film and wash away structure warm water. Apply anti-cellulite cream or milk to skin.

For preparation of hot oil wrapping it is required to you: 20 ml of olive (almond) oil, on 3 drops of lavender oil, juniper and lemon. Heat mix of oils on water bath to +40os. That the bottom and top have got warm evenly, do not forget to stir slowly mix. For hot honey wrapping take 3 tablespoons of honey. Warm it on water bath to liquid state. The feature of honey is that it is applied on problem sites from below up. For the best effect add several drops of orange or lemon oil to honey.

To increase effect of wrapping, carry out physical exercises during the procedure. And later accept relaxation pose.

Algal wrappings can be both hot, and cold. For holding procedure it is necessary to acquire sheets laminaria. Before wrapping wet sheets in water for half an hour. Surely add to them ginger, coriander or thyme. Seaweed contain the iodine stimulating metabolism. Spices eliminate stagnation of lymph and strengthen integument. For clay wrapping you need blue clay (200 grams) and cinnamon. The quantity of cinnamon is selected individually as it is the warming spice. Dissolve clay with water to smetanoobrazny state. You apply mix on body with thin layer. Very good effect is gained from wrapping with mustard powder. It needs to be parted with water to condition of gruel and to mix with honey. The amount of mustard is calculated individually. For any kinds of wrappings there are contraindications. It is pregnancy, gynecologic diseases, tumors, diseases of kidneys, diseases of cardiovascular system, varicosity, dermatitis, the increased body temperature, dizziness, chronic diseases during aggravation. Contraindication for algal wrappings are diseases of thyroid gland.

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