Recipes of the best house masks and conditioners for hair

Recipes of the best house masks and conditioners for hair

If hair are injured them it is necessary to save urgently to restore their beautiful appearance. It is possible to apply methods which were practiced by our grandmothers and to prepare masks and conditioners for hair from natural ingredients in house conditions. In that case it is not necessary to wait for results long.

House masks for hair

Before applying mask on locks, it is necessary to prepare it correctly. First of all, it is necessary to wash up hair shampoo which will clean them from skin fat, dirt and the remains of means for laying. Washing of the head is very important, shampoo will open cuticle of hair that will allow to acquire nutrients better

Shiny hairs

Shiny hairs not only look effectively, but also prove that they are healthy and well-groomed. Only three ingredients are necessary to prepare this mask which surely will be in kitchen. It is necessary to mix 2 tablespoons of simple yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 egg yolk to homogeneous mass. To apply mask on moist hair, to wrap towel and to leave for 15 minutes. After the allowed time to rinse hair with warm water.

The dry, thin and injured hair

Too it is possible to cope with them. It is necessary to mix the mixer 2 eggs and 5 tablespoons of olive oil. To apply mask on hair and to hide them under hat for shower and towel. Heat will accelerate absorption of nutrients. In 20 minutes to wash up hair shampoo.

Other way — to mix the washed-out leaves of aloe from 125 ml of warm boiled water. To add tablespoon of honey and to mix. To rub the received weight in head skin and moist hair. To wrap the head hat for shower and towel, to wash up hair in 20-30 minutes. 

Regeneration of tips of hair

In 10 minutes prior to washing of the head it is necessary to rub several drops of olive oil in tips of hair.

Very injured hair

It is the recipe of strongly restoring mask. To mix 3 tablespoons of cosmetic kerosene with tablespoon of castor oil and 3 tablespoons of any hair conditioner. To rub the received paste in moist hair and to leave it at least for half an hour (till two o'clock). To wrap hair in towel. Then to wash up them shampoo.

Oily hair

To prepare half-glass of infusion of burdock. To mix it with the same amount of beer and several drops of vitamin A. To apply the prepared liquid on the washed-up and dry hair. To cover the head with foil that medicine was better absorbed. To wash away mask in 3 hours.

House conditioners for hair

Dim hair

The way to receive beautiful brilliant locks is to rinse them with beer. After such treatment it is recommended to wash up hair shampoo that they had no unpleasant smell.

Fine, limp and brittle hair

Washing with milk has the strengthening effect. It is necessary to apply a little fat milk on hair and to evenly distribute it, to wrap the head towel and to leave for 15 minutes. 

From hair loss

For preparation of infusion it is necessary to use dry leaves of nettle and 1.5 liters of water. Fresh leaves have the strong painting effect. You can also use several bags of tea from nettle. To dip hair into broth for 5 minutes. This ideal decision for people who grow hair and suffer from loss. The nettle will strengthen locks and will accelerate process of their growth. 

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