Recovery of nails after building

Recovery of nails after building

Natural nails after building become fragile, soft. Restoration can take a lot of time. To accelerate this process, it is possible to use saloon procedures or national recipes.

If you have resolved that you will not increase nails any more and you are going to restore own, can offer you the special procedure of closing of nail plates. In saloon conditions the master will apply on nails special substances which will help to strengthen considerably them by pasting of the damaged scales. As a result you receive healthy and beautiful nails, but the most important – will get rid of pain and unpleasant feelings accompanying damage of nail plate.

Not less popular procedure for recovery of own nails – drawing on the damaged biogel plates. Such way helps to protect nails, to give them well-groomed look. As a result you receive time for recovery of own nails.

Kind of restoration of the damaged nail plate is the Japanese manicure. The Spa procedure is applied for a long time. Nutritious oils and microelements apply on the damaged nail plates, then cover nails with special paste and polishing powder on the basis of beeswax. As a result nails look absolutely healthy, become brilliant and elastic. For treatment of nails the hot manicure is used. Nails steam out in hot nutritious lotion, then nail plates cover with protective varnish. After building this procedure needs to be carried out before complete recovery of own nails once a week. Masks on the basis of beeswax help to recover own nails completely within a short period of time. The procedure is recommended to be carried out before complete recovery of own nail plates once a week. In house conditions it is possible to recover own nails quickly enough if systematically to apply salt baths and to cover the damaged plates with peach, sea-buckthorn or olive oil. Besides, on sale there is set of means for restoration of nail plates. It is enough to acquire one of them and to systematically cover the nails before complete recovery.

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