Removal of fatty tumor on body

Removal of fatty tumor on body

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The lipoma though is not malignancy, but can negatively affect human health therefore it needs to be diagnosed and removed in time. Removal of fat tumor by perhaps national and surgical methods.

The dense new growth under integument which in the people is called fatty tumor actually is lipoma – fat tumor. Many can be terrified when reading only one name, but it is worth understanding that this tumor has nothing in common with cancer diseases, so, is good-quality.

In most cases the reasons of formation of lipoma are in improper feeding.

The fatty tumor in many respects reminds the inflamed lymph node – soft, has clear boundary, at easy pressing by finger can mix up aside. The fatty tumor sizes can increase over time. But at the same time the new growth remains painless therefore long time can be unnoticed. The only trouble which is caused by lipoma is swelling on skin.

It is necessary to delete lipoma. Otherwise it can sprout in muscle tissue, squeeze nearby vessels and nervous bunches. Big lipomas can squeeze bodies, and old – to nekrotizirovatsya.

It is possible to get rid of fatty tumor on body independently by means of safe folk remedies, the effect of which is based on improvement of blood circulation in zone of localization of lipoma. Well compresses from fresh-gathered leaf of gold mustache help. Wash leaves with water, knead in hands a little, and then densely bandage for 10-12 hours to the place where there is tumor. It is possible to strengthen blood circulation by means of garlic. Mix the gruel prepared from several cleaned cloves of these plant with several drops of vegetable oil and daily rub on affected area of body. For treatment of lipoma it is possible to use crude eggs, to be exact films from them. Impose compress from films on fatty tumor, and after a while remove. The affected area of body will redden and will become edematous that demonstrates blood inflow. Let's body tissues be restored a little then continue medical procedures. Use of juice of celandine which is poisonous is considered radical method. As soon as juice gets on skin, the ulceration instantly appears. Drip juice drop on fatty tumor – in the last there will be opening through which it is possible to remove lipoma contents. The excellent extending and resorptional effect the known ointment of Vishnevsky possesses everything, but it is possible to use also leaves of aloe or plantain which need previously to be pounded to kashitseobrazny state. It is difficult to remove lipomas, rather big by the sizes, by means of national methods therefore it is necessary to resort to surgical. It is possible to remove fat tumor by injection in it the special solution having resorptional effect. This method allows not to leave scars on skin, but is absolutely useless when the amount of consolidation is more than couple of centimeters. In the latter case surgical removal under anesthetic appears more effective. However later like body surgery there are unattractive scars.

It is very important to remove the lipoma capsule, otherwise the fatty tumor can appear again.

There is also more modern method of treatment of lipomas – laser surgery. The procedure is carried out at local anesthesia for quite short time. The most important that after laser removal of fatty tumor, defects on skin do not remain.

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