Removal of hypostases on face in house conditions

Removal of hypostases on face in house conditions

Hypostases on face are pronounced defect which will not manage to be disguised by means of foundation. If puffiness arises often, it will be required to apply special means which part the guarana, horsetail, ivy and vitamins is. These components strengthen lymphatic drainage and possess tonic action. Also positive effect can achieve when using national recipes.

Appearance of hypostases on face can be caused by the different reasons. It is about violation of work of cardiovascular or endocrine system, allergy, abuse of alcohol, greasy and salty food, overfatigue, the wrong daily routine. Therefore modification of daily diet can be required. Use less salt, greasy and spicy food. In 4 hours prior to dream try to eat carrots, apple or orange which will help to bring surplus of liquid out of organism. Do contrast compresses (overlaying of gauze with hot and cold water alternately).

At hypostases on face the traditional medicine recommends to wipe periodically face with the ice prepared on the basis of broth of celandine, camomile and petals of roses. It is possible to grate crude potatoes on small grater and to put to problem places for 20 minutes.

The crushed parsley root will help to achieve positive effect. Quite often the healthy type of skin is influenced by green tea. For example, it is possible to moisten in tea broth napkin (cotton) and to put on the person for about 15 minutes. You can get rid of swelling by means of pharmaceutical camomile. Take 3 tablespoons of flowers of the dried camomile and turn in usual handkerchief. Then make of it sack and lower in boiled water approximately for 7-10 minutes. Get and wring out it a little. Wipe skin 2 times a day, periodically moistening in water in which it was. And here one more excellent recipe. Take 2 tablespoons of birch leaves and fill in them with glass of cool water. It is necessary to draw this means about 9 hours. Filter the received medicine, moisten in it napkin and put to problem sites of face skin. By the way, the pumpkin mask is considered very effective remedy which struggles with hypostases. Add small amount of water to 3 tablespoons of the crushed crude pumpkin and you cook on small fire before formation of homogeneous mass. Put 2 tsps of honey in the turned-out mix and properly stir.

Wait until means a little cools down, and put it on face for 25 minutes.

Perfectly helps at hypostases and the crushed cucumber if to put it to skin every day for 15 minutes. Quickly the compress from milk will help to liquidate problem. Just impregnate small piece of cotton wool in cold milk and apply to hypostases for 10 minutes. The same compress can be made also of calendula infusion.

For preparation of buckwheat mask it will be required to crush buckwheat in the coffee grinder, to place in linen sack and to lower in boiled water literally for couple of minutes. After that cool it and put to the person.

It is recommended to use various grass infusions for fight against puffiness of the person. For example, it is possible to take 3 tablespoons of dry camomile, sage and birch kidneys, and then to fill in them with boiled water. Means has to infuse 5 hours then it will be possible to filter it and to use for designated purpose. Crush fennel and mix 1 tsp from 2 tsps of sour cream. Put the received mix to hypostases approximately for 10 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team