Removal of inflammation from eels

Removal of inflammation from eels

Sometimes skin throws unpleasant surprise: before secular action on the foreground the pimple or ugorek which manages to be hidden not always is formed. Meanwhile, there are simple means which are effectively removing inflammation and helping out in difficult situation.

Of course, the best treatment of disease is its prevention. It fully concerns also acnes which solution of the problem carries not cosmetic, but medicamentous character. For prevention of formation of acne rash it is necessary to carry out periodically cleaning procedures which help to avoid blockage of time and the following inflammation behind it.

For skin clarification special means, such as gels well are suitable for washing and special srubs. They need to be applied not only systematically, but also it is timely. Morning washing is obligatory, but if acnes are formed too plentifully, it will also be required to wash several times during the day. Such procedures help not only to prevent formation of eels, but also to remove inflammation from already existing.

Because of individual intolerance of some components of cosmetics, many refuse widespread skin care products, preferring them national methods.

For clarification of skin it is possible to use srubs of house preparation. Good example - the mix of flour of different cereals divorced in warm milk before formation of paste of average density. Such srub is put for 3-5 minutes after washing: he removes inflammation, moisturizes and feeds the skin, compensates negative impact on it of soap and other means containing sodium lauryl sulfate or others surfactant. For clarification it is possible to use not only srubs, but also face packs. The main ingredient of such masks - white clay. The fat and combined skin before drawing mask needs to be steamed out, having taken the person over paruyushchy broth of sea-buckthorn, calendula or celandine, having covered at the same time the head with towel. It is also possible to add to clay glycerin, spirit tincture of celandine or gruel from aloe leaves. Such simple means help to get rid of acne in 5-6 hours. If, as they say, the problem has taken unawares and to festive exit there is not enough time, it is possible to resort to the emergency means. The main method of removal of reddening from eels - ice or the frozen strong broth of flowers of camomile and bark of oak. Quickly the gruel prepared from the pounded tablets of aspirin and streptocide diluted with several drops of water will help to remove inflammation also. It is necessary to cover with it the problem place for 10-15 minutes then to wash away water and to process the site of skin night face cream.

It is impossible by no means to try to disguise inflamed acne by means of make-up. Such actions not only will not save the situation, but also can lead to serious complications.

If there is opportunity to visit the pharmaceutical booth, it is possible to acquire one of non-standard means in fight against inflammation of acne. For example - drops for nose or for eyes with sosudosuzhayushchy effect. They will eliminate reddening in several minutes, however repeated use and constant observation of condition of leather regarding repeated inflammation can be required. Naturally, the emergency means should not be applied on constant basis, it is much more useful to watch to thicket condition of skin and to provide the correct care for it.

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