Return of youth radio lifting

Return of youth radio lifting

Radio lifting is one of the most effective modern procedures for lifting of skin. Most often by means of radio waves correct the person. This method is non-invasive and does not deliver to patients of discomfort.


1. The basic principle of radio lifting is impact on certain sites of skin special radio waves. Due to generation of heat getting about upper layers terms the number of production of such substances as elastin and collagen substantially increases.

2. Collagen and elastin are substances which directly affect elasticity and elasticity of skin. At their shortage in organism there are small wrinkles, skin becomes flabby, there are noticeable obvisaniye. When heating upper layers terms the quantity of these elements increases that leads to smoothing of mimic wrinkles, improvement of structure of skin and its considerable pulling up.

3. Radio waves it is possible to process not only sites of face skin, but also zone of neck and decollete. Distinctive feature of radio lifting - lack of the rehabilitation period. The majority of procedures of rejuvenation means observance of set of rules and restrictions after their carrying out. Radio lifting does not influence daily routine at all.

4. Experts recommend carries out radio lifting at least, than two times a year. Before the procedure the consultation with the experienced expert is necessary. RF lifting has no serious contraindications, sessions can be held at any age and under any weather conditions. However only the doctor can define what procedure is necessary in specific case and whether radio lifting will be effective. The fact is that sessions are most effective at the initial stages of aging. If wrinkles became deep, then it is quite probable that other methods of correction will be necessary for disposal of them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team