Romantic make-up for appointment

Romantic make-up for appointment

When you gather for appointment, there is a wish to look especially attractively and romantically. Pastel shades will be suitable for romantic make-up. All has to look most naturally. Any rough lines. The make-up has to be air and imperceptible, but at the same time emphasize eyes and lips.

It is required to you

  • - foundation
  • - powder
  • - light blush
  • - light shadows
  • - eyeliner
  • - the extending ink
  • - pastel gloss or lipstick


  1. Option 1. We begin make-up with foundation. Select foundation for color the most suitable under color of your skin. The skin color on necks and on face should not differ. From above put a little friable powder, it will set tone. Skin will become opaque and equal. Allocate eyebrows with pencil or shadows. Carefully, lines have to be smooth. Irregular shape of eyebrows it is possible to spoil all make-up. Apply light violet shadows on upper motionless eyelid, it is a little shadows on upper mobile eyelid. Inventions we take eyeliner or soft, sharp pencil. We put ends along ciliary edge from above and from below. Then we connect these points. If the line has turned out not really equal, correct Q-tip. We take white shadows and we apply on mobile upper eyelid and on eyeliner from below. Shadows will make the line of eyeliner equal, will remove roughnesses. We finish make-up of eyes ink. Ink should not be much. We apply on lips a little opaque lipstick. It is possible to put with fingertip. We conceal in the way, you will better adjust color of lipstick. Such romantically make-up will be suitable for evening appointments.
  2. Option 2. If you owner of beautiful equal skin. If your skin is deprived of pimples and pigmentation, then such option of romantic make-up will suit you. We apply light tone to skin, it is possible only powder. If there is highlighter, then apply it under eyes and on chin. It will give shine to your skin. On cheekbones a few pink shadows, carefully we shade borders. We apply pink, nacreous shadows on eyes. Shadows are applied on upper eyelid to eyebrows. If there is desire, then it is possible to bring upper eyelid thin black arrow. The extending ink will finish make-up. On lips pastel pink gloss. Such make-up will be suitable for day appointment.
  3. Option 3. We level skin foundation, we fix all by powder. We apply pinkish-peach blush on cheekbones. We take the applicator with gray shadows. We bring upper and lower eyelid. We try to bring near ciliary edge. Then we take blue shadows, we draw in detail corner on external corner of eye. Such reception will make your eyes especially attractive. We fill corner and upper mobile eyelid with blue shadows. Then we take white or beige brilliant shadows and we apply them on internal corner of eye. We finish make-up ink. We bring lips pencil for lips of natural shade. We cause atop nacreous gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team