Rules of manicure in house conditions

Rules of manicure in house conditions

The modern woman in the conditions of the everyday life overflowed with affairs and household chores practically has no time and quite often money, for professional manicure in the conditions of beauty shop. And accurately processed cuticles, the correct shape of nails, brilliant and strong nail plate are some kind of business card of each woman.

Alternative to professional manicure - manicure in house conditions which will concede nothing professional if to follow all rules of its performance. Besides, it does not demand excess monetary expenses, and tools for its performance are readily available and not numerous.

  • In the presence on nails of old covering it is delicious, it is deleted by means of the means which are not containing acetone (it dries and changes color of nail, as a result - they exfoliate and break). After removal of varnish of hand well wash and humidify with any nutritious cream.

After processing of hands cream give the form of nail. If it is necessary to reduce considerably length of nails, then it is worth using scissors. If simple correction of form is required, then the nail file will approach. The nail file from metal is intended for normal nails, and for exfoliating and fragile – glass. Movements of nail file maintain in one direction. Each woman chooses shape of nails for herself proceeding from personal preferences.

  • If necessary or at will polish nail plates.
  • Delete with the next stage cuticle. Skin of cuticle is softened special liquid or steamed out, accurately removed manicure stick (it is desirable wooden) to the nail basis. By means of iron tweezers (to disinfect alcohol) delete hangnails. After this manipulation, leather is processed nutritious cream again.
  • The small pause before putting varnish is great time for the strengthening baths and nutritious masks for nails. The most widespread bath - oil: add lemon juice, sunflower or olive oil to water. Bath with sea salt (broth of bark of oak, camomile, mineral water) and iodine - fine means at the fragile and exfoliating nails.

Remarkably the compress from the warmed-up sunflower oil stimulates growth of nails. The mask with lemon will effectively bleach and will strengthen: the lemon is cut in half and in pulp lower finger-tips. Any procedure lasts no more than 15 minutes, with frequency not less than 1-2 times a week.

The finishing moment: putting varnish. For the purpose of prevention of yellowing of nail plates and deterioration in their structure, before putting varnish use medical basis in the beginning. Further - decorative varnish covering and for its stability – fixer.

Carrying out all these simple councils, it is possible to achieve that your nails looked well-groomed, and manicure accurate and beautiful that will tell a lot of things about you to people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team