Rules on leg care

Rules on leg care

Already for a long time people knew that legs demand certain leaving. In the Bible it is possible to meet lines about washing of legs. And the modern person needs to look after the legs that they did not cause feeling of discomfort and other problems.

People who take out heavy physical activities on legs first of all need to do procedures of hygienic and contrast baths. Leg baths can be made of usual water, having added sea salt and to take them in such solution five or seven of minutes. Afterwards it is necessary to lower in warm water for two-three minutes, then in cold for three-four seconds. Such procedure should be made one-two times again. Massage well will help to take off final fatigue. Movements from top to down to rub camphoric alcohol in skin, and after to massage with cream (with disease of varicosity the massaging is contraindicated). That legs looked is well-groomed, it is necessary to watch nails and to do pedicure, before it having made bath of liquid ammonia for twenty minutes. Use of baking soda is also possible, having added with it soap to warm water.

Preparation of tools will be the next stage. Before getting leg, it needs to be wiped clean towel and to apply the softening cream on feet and callosities where there is the keratosic skin. On feet and heels it is necessary to scratch off the keratosic skin pumice or the safe safety razor. Further, it is necessary to clean nails from pollution, obstrich and to file. To cut only from edges as the nail can break or come off.

The nail tip on thumb has to have such length that closed it. It is forbidden to round off or cut off at an angle, edges them have to show themselves the rectilinear direction. Otherwise corners of nail can grow into skin, callosities will be organized. Now it is necessary to be engaged in the second leg, having lowered the leg processed already in bath. To slowly examine two legs, to clean nails on each side, to cut off skin on nail small pillows, pumice to rub places where there is coarsened skin.Feet should be wiped carefully towel and to grease with nutritious cream, further two-three minutes to massage easy movements. Fingers of hands to mass each finger of legs, palms from top to down to pound shins and feet. To do such massage several times.

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