Salicylic peeling

Salicylic peeling

The peeling is popular and relevant among women for this reason use it huge number of ladies. This procedure can be used at fight against the keratosic cells of your skin. It can be because of aging of skin or any other defects which appear on skin. This procedure can influence both skin blanket, and her epidermis. Because of it there is clarification of several layers of skin, and then elastin and collagen thanks to which your skin is tightened and leveled is produced. Also there are new cages which replace old.

Besides, by means of peeling it is possible to get rid of skin oiliness, prevents appearance of pimples or eels and also helps to close time. The salicylic peeling has protivospalitelny and antiseptic properties, and thanks to it it prevention appearance of eels or rash, and your skin always looks beautiful and equal.

Still this procedure promotes alignment of your skin. Such procedure can be used without side effects.

The peeling happens: biological, laser, mechanical and chemical. Each of types influences skin differently, it can be: deep, superficial, median.

The procedure salicylic peeling belongs to chemical look. Penetration into skin belongs superficial median to subspecies. And it works as follows: it completely destroys skin. Thanks to this procedure restores work of sebaceous glands, there is skin alignment, there is formation of new cages. Also let's consider types of salicylic peeling: in the first type of salicylic acid only 15% are used. And for the second look 30% of salicylic acid are used. Not important, what of two types you choose the most important it is necessary to carry out this procedure only in salon, and you do not spend it at home at all. In salon to you will make all necessary procedures and will surely take care of precautionary measures. After you make the procedure at you can be skin is shelled, some pigmental spots can also appear. It depends on type of your skin. Do not worry, in several weeks everything will pass and your skin will be equal and velvety. Such procedure needs to be carried out when at you: age change of skin after you have removed pigmental spot if you have oily skin or there are various eels or pimples. It is impossible to apply the procedure at all if: you are pregnant if you have lactation period, temperature increase, violation of integument or herpes.

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