Salt as universal remedy in home beauty shop

Salt as universal remedy in home beauty shop

At the sea, skin always becomes gentle and velvety. And it is all about sea salt. It – excellent universal remedy which is suitable practically for any not too allergenic skin. This property of salt can be used also at home to arrange the real beauty shop.


1. The weakening bathtub. The recommended amount of sea salt – from 200 g to 1 kg on bathtub. But do not overdo, especially for the first time – the organism can "not understand". Lie down in warm salty water of minutes 15-20, think of something pleasant, listen to the good weakening music. From such therapy all internal systems – both blood, and immune, and nervous – will come to order. But your skin will most of all be glad: it will quicker be updated and will come to tone. Such bath can be taken though every day, but doctors recommend to be limited to 2 times a week 15 minutes. And with care it is necessary to take salt bath if on your skin there are wounds, cuts and other damages. After bathtub avoid drafts and thermal influences. Carefully wash away salty water and you apply nutritious cream to skin.

2. Local salt baths with concentration of salt of 1-2%. They effectively strengthen nails and help to keep skin of hands in the best state. Baths and from withdrawal pains of joints help: then water temperature should be brought to 40 degrees Celsius and to increase concentration of salt to 10%.

3. Peeling after bath or sauna. Take in palm salt pinch together with water and vigorously pound body. The softened skin it is easy to be cleaned and it will be updated. If skin dry, add olive oil. In 15 minutes wash away gruel warm water and apply milk to skin.

4. Washing by salty water. Concentration depends on skin type: – for fat – dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt on glass of water; – for normal – dissolve salt teaspoon on glass of water 1; – for dry and sensitive – dissolve on glass of water 0.5 of teaspoon of salt. To ideally use the distilled water for washing, but also boiled will approach. The main thing, that not from under the crane.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team