Sea-buckthorn oil for appearance hair

Sea-buckthorn oil for appearance hair

The sea-buckthorn is plant which was long since applied in traditional medicine and body and hair care. To this day medicines on the basis of oil and extract of sea-buckthorn are actively used at the solution of many problems of medical and cosmetology character.

At hair care it can be applied both berry, and seeds, leaves and bark of this plant. And the well-known sea-buckthorn oil has the most useful properties. Its active components act on fabric, strengthening and stimulating growth of hair. Also oil of sea-buckthorn is applied as remarkable antidandruff preparation and alopecias.

Oil of sea-buckthorn includes enough the elements important for human body. Here it is possible to carry vitamins B, E, A, S, R, folic acid, phospholipids, carotinoids, etc. These components do hair nice on the touch and silky, give effect of healthy gloss. Laying at periodic use of sea-buckthorn oil is made much easier.

Nutritious properties of oil help to solve set of problems with hair. In particular, use of sea-buckthorn oil results in the following results:

  • •             the expressed regeneration (active healing of head skin) is observed;
  • •             there is recovery of the exhausted and injured hair after various operations over hair: colourings, laying, wave and also adverse effect of ultraviolet and other external influences;
  • •             oil makes the all-strengthening and antibacterial impact.

At emergence of various problems of trikhologichesky character, whether it be loss of hair, the slowed-down growth, bad condition (weakness, lifelessness, damage) or dandruff, it is worth applying the sea-buckthorn oil diluted with other substances.

It is connected with the fact that when drawing on head skin of sea-buckthorn oil of high concentration its sensitivity increases and also penetration of ultra-violet radiation is facilitated that can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Therefore, as well as any other medicine, sea-buckthorn oil needs to be used it is dosed and not to abuse it.

Sea-buckthorn oil well helps from hair loss. It is better to combine oil of sea-buckthorn with the following types of oils: castoric, burdock, argan and almond. For this purpose there are enough two teaspoons of oil of sea-buckthorn and one spoon of other oil. The received structure needs to be warmed up, and then to rub in the surface of the head the easy massing movements. Such procedure is performed approximately for half an hour before washing of hair. After oil is applied to skin, hair should be closed polyethylene film, and from above to make turban of warm towel. It is necessary to wash away oil, using shampoo.

Such recipe of use of sea-buckthorn oil is usually applied twice a week, for two months. Then the two-week break follows, and the course can be renewed.

Sea-buckthorn oil is applied to growth of hair in the same proportions described above, but with oils of macadamia, avocado or olive oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team