Secretion of charming lips

Secretion of charming lips

With whatever lips the nature has allocated you, in your forces to make them beautiful and well-groomed.

Let's begin with lip care. If you use lip balm, it is laudable, but you should not be limited to it. There are several councils:

1. When brush teeth, walk brush on lips (but without fanaticism!). Its bristles will remove the died-off parts, and menthol in toothpaste will improve blood circulation. But do not forget to apply balm after the procedure, and it is better to make mask.2. Take balm, medical or vaseline and apply on lips with thick layer. Cover with food wrap and refrain from talk for about 15 minutes. Then massage lips. After massage remove balm / medical / vaseline napkin. The absolute comfort and gentle skin of lips are guaranteed!

3. Perfectly essential oils, especially mint and cinnamon are suitable for lips. You can apply them on lips before going to bed. 4. And here face treatments for gentle skin of lips are pernicious, especially srubs. The correct make-up will make well-groomed lips even more more beautiful: 1. Do you want accurately outlined mouth? There is nothing more simply! Check "" the center of upper lip, place points on sides - as in garden we connected pictures on points, remember? - also connect them. If the line left too accurate, just shade it to the center of lips.2. The white shadows put under lipstick will make its tone is lighter, and the powder here bronzing - is more dark. 3. And choosing lipstick you remember that light shades of lip increase, and dark - reduce. 4. Powder under lipstick has sunk into oblivion long ago! To record lipstick (and also to enhance its color), apply blush.5 on lips. One more secret as it is correct to choose lipstick so that it looked most naturally. Bite lower lip (it is only accurate!) also compare to color of lipstick which you want to buy. 6. Do not paint over corners of lips - otherwise they will seem drawn in. 7. Consider lighting! By the light of fireplace, candles, floor lamps - that is at heat lighting, be careful orange and brown shades. Bluish shades are excluded if indoors cold light - fluorescent lamps. 8. Gloss does lips chubby and attractive, but with age it is better to refuse it. Also it is better to avoid gloss and nacre if photographing is necessary. 9. If you do not want ""to contact"" pencil, then take Q-tip, dip into foundation, then - into transparent powder and walk on contour of lips, smoothing imperfection.10. On snack the most important: do not aim at absolute symmetry! It is proved that men consider women whose upper lip is slightly more, more sexual. Only it is not necessary to lead up all to the point of absurdity: couple of ""excess"" drops of gloss and all! Be irresistible!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team