Secretion of elastic breast

Secretion of elastic breast

The female breast over the years or after the delivery becomes less elastic and can even droop. Of course, to begin to care for its beauty it is necessary in advance. If it has already occurred, then it is possible to return elasticity of breast by means of various means and techniques.


1. Food affects condition of skin of breast not less cosmetic procedures. Take for the rule to daily drink glass of kefir and to accept cod-liver oil. It will help your skin to become more elastic. Course not less than 1 month.

2. Massage helps to improve blood circulation. Do it daily after shower with use of wheat germ oil or grape seeds, mass bust within 15-20 minutes. Skin will become more gentle, soft and elastic in 1-1.5 months.

3. Many know about advantage of contrast shower. It perfectly strengthens also breast. Taking warm shower, reduce temperature to 15-17 degrees and pour over breast within 2 minutes, then again increase temperature during 5 and so several times. Since morning sprinkle breast from spray camomile infusion which needs to be stored in the fridge.

4. Not to do without exercises. Without them the due effect will not come. Squeezing, rotations by hands and occupations with dumbbells will perfectly strengthen breast muscles. Campaigns to the pool will also not prevent.

5. It is necessary to choose correctly cosmetic for improvement of elasticity of breast. The composition of cream, gel or ampullary solutions have to include oils of almonds, musky rose, wheat germs and also extracts of mimosa, cuff, horsetail, essential oils of juniper, mint, rosemary, vitamin E. Attentively study composition of cream.

6. Scrubbing of skin of breast improves blood circulation, peels dead cells, and nutrients get into epidermis. The srub prepared from ground coffee with honey in proportions 1:1 is effective. After use of srub cosmetic products I will act more effectively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team