Secretion of healthy hair: how quickly to get rid of dandruff?

Secretion of healthy hair: how quickly to get rid of dandruff?

Beautiful, thick and shiny hairs do attractive any woman. And as happens offensively when on effective curls there is dandruff which spoils appearance of the woman. However you should not be upset, it is quite simple to get rid of this trouble.

It is absolutely optional to you to buy expensive means. You can quite cope with dandruff by means of cheap and available folk remedies.

Simple methods of disposal of dandruff

  1. If you have dry head skin, then you will suit such effective natural remedy as olive oil. This product contains large amount of useful vitamins and minerals, also it remarkably moisturizes and feeds head skin. To gain desirable effect, warm up a little olive oil and massage movements rub it in head skin. In 3 hours wash up hair the soft sparing shampoo. Perform this procedure daily until dandruff completely disappears.
  2. Do you wish not only eliminate dandruff, but also to add to curls magnificent gloss? For this purpose you need ordinary vinegar. You can carefully rub small amount of the diluted vinegar in roots of hair or just rinse with acetic water curls after each washing of the head. If have chosen the first option, you remember that to hold vinegar on the head more than one hour does not follow. Use fruit vinegar that locks have become impregnated with pleasant smell.
  3. If you are not afraid of onions "aroma", use the following recipe for mask for hair. Take tablespoon of castor oil and as much fresh onions juice, add 30 ml of vodka to this mix. Carefully mix ingredients and apply the received mask to head skin. You hold mix on hair half an hour then wash away warm water. To get rid of onions smell, wash up several times the head soft shampoo with pleasant aroma.

Any woman can look magnificently today, the main thing – you love yourself and look after the body, nails and hair. Dandruff is not such problem with which it is difficult to cope. Applying the described masks at least once in two days, you will get rid about dandruff soon and will forget about it forever.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team