Secrets of beauty of Victoria Beckham

Secrets of beauty of Victoria Beckham

faithful wife of the famous football player, world famous star of pop scene, and, at last, just unreal beauty Victoria Beckham opens curtain of mystery of the amazing appeal. As it has appeared, the pop star before going to bed performs magic ritual and thanks to it Victoria's skin looks stunningly and gracefully.

Every evening the girl accurately applies quite thick layer of the special moisturizing cream on hands and legs. Why Victoria puts on cotton gloves and knitted thick socks and to go to bed in such look. As the star honestly admitted, the similar way of maintaining beauty definitely is not pleasant to her husband David Beckham. However he should reconcile to whims of the beautiful wife, as a result he often is struck with results.

If to speak about wonderful figure, then Victoria supports it only by means of fitness in which is engaged since those times as it has moved to Los Angeles. I passed four times the special Pilates program and I do not think it to be limited — the girl has told.

It should be noted that Victoria is world renowned for a long time the ability to look amazing. In interview to one famous magazine the ex-soloist of the pop group Spice Girls has given couple of valuable advice on hair, skin care and, of course, art of make-up in order that to the fans to help to look faultless always as she.

Concerning hair Victoria recommends to use the Frederic Fekkai conditioner, it is indelible. The star is convinced that this conditioner the best. Victoria uses special lip gloss under the name Stila, prefers to combine since recent time it with popular gloss under the name Burberry Lip Glow In Nutmeg. The body of Victoria adores the Thai massage in total with special Nivea Body Lotion lotion. For nails Victoria uses products of the legendary company Chanel which are known to all. She claims that varnishes of this company possess unique color scales. For faultless figure recommends to run and do fitness everyday. And for prevention of dehydration of organism, Beckham drinks huge amount of coconut water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team