Secrets of firmness of perfume: how to choose where and how to put

Secrets of firmness of perfume: how to choose where and how to put

Smells... such attracting and mysterious, refreshing and stupefying, light and air, leaving behind element innuendoes. What do we know about them?

Take away from us all tactile, visual, acoustical qualities, and we will sink in the world of numerous shades of aromas. Only they some make huge layer for study and courageous experiments. Probably, in the life you met many people whose smell has so merged with them that, finding this aroma in the nature, it was associated at you only with this person now. Your mother smelling of vanilla and coffee, the girl, with easy notes of sandal-wood tree and patchouli, and the grandfather from whom smelled of tobacco. When the person finds the smell, it completely in it is dissolved and they become single whole with this aroma. The aroma is business card of the person. The first what you pay to attention when you meet new people. Smells have cunnings and secrets which here and will be considered to help you to be guided with this diverse world.

The first secret

For optimum work you apply perfume on the pulsing points: the center of neck, behind ear, internal wrists, skin under knee. Applying perfume these places, you should not reuse it during the day.

The second secret

For more light aroma try to sprinkle a little at first perfume air, and then walk through this fragrant cloudlet. Thus, on your clothes there will be air, almost inaudible loop which will give to mystery and mysteriousness.

The third secret

Longer to keep aroma, you put spirits or toilet water right after acceptance of bathtub or shower. At this time your time is most open therefore they are capable to absorb smells a hundred times more effectively.

The fourth secret

There is one more small cunning for deduction of smell on body. It is possible a little bit in good time, before putting perfume, on those places where it will be used, to apply a little vaseline.

The fifth secret

Try not to use strongly smelling deodorants, lotions and powders. They will dominate and prevent your aroma to reveal completely. Otherwise everything will mix up and will turn out such strange smelling substance causing not opyanitelny delight, but bewilderment and cough.

Secret number six

Try to play with aromas from different families.  For example, mix flower smell with fresh, citrus It will turn out brightly and safely!

Secret number seven

When choosing perfume always make a start from the type of skin. That depends on it, any given aroma will last how long.

For example, if you have dry skin, then smells will quickly disappear.

Therefore you will suit the concentrated strong spirits, than toilet water better. Having lifted the veil of secrecy and having learned secrets of aromas, you will feel more confidently in this the thin and mysterious, attracting and mysterious world.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team