Secrets of makeup artists when drawing make-up

Secrets of makeup artists when drawing make-up

Several secrets of the best domestic and foreign makeup artists by means of which you will be able to subdue surrounding with the make-up.

What your actions in case of hit of ink on eyelid on which shadows are already applied and its eyeliner is made? Most likely, you try Q-tip, cotton wool, even finger to correct, wipe failure, that is spoil make-up. As a result drawing shadows should be repeated.

In such cases color turns out uneven. It in turn spoils to you mood, especially when you hurry, for example, on appointment. 

How do professional makeup artists in similar situations arrive? Everything is simple! They simply do not allow such moment.

When putting ink it is just necessary to put little finger by century. The direction – on growth of eyelashes. It is not necessary to press on eyelid. Such simple reception allows to raise slightly eyelashes which lay down on little finger. Putting ink will become the following step.

Such reception does possible pro-paint of each eyelash, their simultaneous combing. The result is amazing! Cilia will be ideally divided, and the make-up of eyes will remain safe.

Each of us dreams of chubby sponges. The most widespread reception which allows to give visually to bigger plumpness to sponges is causing gloss. Often for the same purpose nacreous lipstick is used (it is put in the middle of lips). Resort to such reception as eyeliner of sponges less often (the line is slightly more than contour of lips).

On it secrets of seductive and full sponges do not come to an end. If you wish to give bigger volume to upper sponge, then you can make it by means of the haylayt and usual small brush.

Before putting lipstick it is necessary by means of several easy strokes over upper sponge (bend) to create brilliant contour (there have to be a little abroad lips). Later it is necessary to make up lips classic method. Haylayt will visually increase the volume of lips, their contours will become more accurate.

If you decide to resort to color eyeliner, then you can cost black eyeliner and also shadows of different flowers. So, the color eyeliner can be made by means of black ayliner. The fact that it is possible to put him is remarkable as soul will wish.

After earlier used brush it is sprinkled by water (for this purpose it is possible to use the fixing spray), it scoops shadow of the required color which is applied on black eyeliner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team