Short moustaches: how to get rid of them forever

Short moustaches: how to get rid of them forever

The fashion dictates the rules: standard of female beauty is the lack of hair on many parts of body, and emergence of mustache is considered obvious cosmetic defect of which the woman needs to get rid rather, the better.


1. If there is too much hair over upper lip, then before being engaged in their removal, surely visit the doctor. Such experts as the gynecologist and the endocrinologist will conduct necessary researches and, in the presence of indications, will appoint hormonal therapy.

2. In house conditions treat carefully creams depilators even if they are created for gentle skin and have the sparing influence. Before the first use carry out skin test: to the place of elbow bend cause small amount of cream, and after a while wash away water. If such symptoms as peeling within a day have not appeared, the irritation, skin reddening, then cream can be used. To get rid of mustache, apply cream on the problem place, wait the amount of time specified in the instruction and soft sponge accurately wash away hair together with the depilator remains. After the procedure apply the moisturizing face cream to skin.

3. Manually to pull out the single, separately growing hairs, use tweezers. For relief of the unpleasant feelings caused by removal of hair in 5 minutes prior to plucking out apply hot compress, and after holding procedure for removal of reddening use cold. The cotton tampon moistened with cold water quite will be suitable for this purpose.

4. For decolorization of undesirable hair dissolve with water of usual pharmaceutical 50% hydrogen peroxide: add 10 parts of clear water to one part of peroxide. After the procedure of clarification hairs become more fragile that in fight against mustache is clear advantage.

5. Use liquid wax, it is the most widespread way of disposal of undesirable vegetation on face. Before drawing on skin warm wax on steam bath to body temperature. By means of shovel or the pallet apply liquid substance to skin and after cooling and hardening with fast breakthrough remove together with hair in the direction opposite to their growth. Be vigilant: essential minus of such way is his morbidity.

6. Address to salon to experts to define the best for you professional method of fight against mustache. During electroepilation the thin metal needle is entered in skin and in hair follicle the electric impulse which destroys ability of hair grow further moves. Though the electric epilation is also followed by painful feelings, it gives the longest effect of disposal of mustache. When using the laser the hair become softer and lose the color as the laser beam destroys pigmental layer and destroys follicles. Laser (or photo) the epilation for a long time will save you from mustache, but at the wrong application there is danger of appearance of burns and spots on gentle skin of upper lip.

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