Simple hairstyle on average hair the hands

Simple hairstyle on average hair the hands

From hair of average length it is easy to do simple and fast hair. Use various technicians of weaving, wave and curls, small knots, plaits. Remember that highly raised hair, volume and splendor are fashionable.

Simple hairstyles for average hair

If you have curly hair, create on the head volume hairstyle by means of the hair dryer with nozzle diffuser. In the beginning wash up hair and slightly dry them towel. Then separate lock of hair and place it in hair dryer fingers. You dry lock no more than 30 seconds. After that you pass to the following lock. Thus, dry up all hair. After that shake up them hands a little. Such hairstyle resembles chemical wave superficially. In order that laying well kept throughout the day, before its creation apply skin on hair.

If you do not want to leave let hair down, make tail. Collect hair from sides, temples and record them elastic band. Free hair let fall down falls down. In general the hairstyle will look very romantically. And back locks will not climb to you in face.

Create hairstyle with rim from head hair. For this purpose you otcheshit all hair back. Then with one side allocate three locks and begin to do plait to other side. The braid has to be located close to forehead. During weaving do new podpryada from sides, connecting them to old locks. Strongly record the end of weaving the invisible being. Thus, on the head of you the rim from braid will turn out, and other hair will fall down on shoulders. One more interesting hairstyle with weaving: divide hair into parting in the middle and braid two braids. They have to begin from nape and go down. At the level of neck weave braids into one, and to the place of their connection put on beautiful hairpin.

Hairstyles on the basis of pile

Various hairstyles can be carried out on the basis of pile. It can be made even if hair reach only shoulders. For creation of pile to you can the special roller for hair is required. Arrange it on the top, and from above cover with hair. If you have no roller, do hair without it. In the beginning you otcheshit front hair on forehead. Then allocate wide lock on nape and twist it in plait. Lay plait around so that the bump has turned out. Record it invisible beings. Return back hair, otchesanny. They will close cone. If the pile is very small, podcheshit hair at roots. Then the hairstyle will become more volume. When you cover cone with hair, gather them and record invisible beings. This part of hair should not break up. In addition to invisible beings you can put on beautiful hairpin. The hairstyle with pile will turn out very beautiful if previously you wind hair on hair curlers. Waves will gracefully fall down on back. Besides, if the hair remains very much, can braid braid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team