Skin care in the winter. What needs to be known?

Skin care in the winter. What needs to be known?

With arrival of winter with all its whims, it is necessary to reconsider bases of care for your skin. Under the influence of the aggressive weather phenomena, skin is not able to keep the fresh and healthy look. Additional methods and conditioning agents will be able to help it with this hard business.

It is required to you

  • For moisturizing mask:
  • - fresh cucumber;
  • - honey.
  • For nutritious mask:
  • - fat sour cream;
  • - olive oil;
  • - lemon.
  • For the cleaning srub:
  • - sea salt;
  • - coffee thick.


1. During the winter period one of harmful factors for skin of open parts of body is cold wind. It actively dries up and at the same time exposes to the wind face and hands. Natural protection is the lipidic layer. It is provided by secretion of sebaceous glands. Under long impact of cold, frosty wind the protection does not maintain. And on hands there is practically no such layer. The overdried skin becomes rough, is shelled, becomes covered by red spots or crusts. Provide your skin, especially on face and brushes, with additional moistening. From cosmetics best of all approach fat moisturizing cream with mark "winter". Substances which actively look after dry skin are their part and support natural protective layer. The most widespread nutritious mask is prepared from the national recipe from fresh cucumber and two tablespoons of honey. Mix polished cucumber with honey. You apply structure to skin of face and hands. In 15-20 minutes wash away water.

2. In the winter skin needs additional food. It is necessary to include in its diet both vitamins and microelements, and irreplaceable amino acids. Nutritious masks on the basis of fruit acids and polyunsaturated acids will be very opportunely. Procedures during the cold period are carried out more often than in warm season. Application of nutritious masks for face skin and hands two times a week is considered optimum. It is quite possible to replace funds of industrial production for the mask prepared according to the national recipe. For this purpose mix three tablespoons of sour cream with teaspoon of olive oil and juice of one lemon. Mix everything and you put thick layer on face and brushes. Avoid sites around eyes and lips. In 15 minutes wash away warm water. Apply nutritious cream to skin.

3. Trying to protect itself from frosty air, snow and rain, skin is thickened due to excess formation of horn scales in the winter. They are the favorable environment for growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. For this reason it is necessary to strengthen actions for skin clarification, especially on face. Srubs and the cleaning masks in winter season have to be present daily. It is desirable to alternate their application. Quite effective srub for face skin, hands and all body can be prepared from three tablespoons of coarse sea salt and the same quantity of coffee thick. Mix ingredients and you carry out the procedure of peeling every other day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team