Small secretion of ideal body

Small secretion of ideal body

The owner of smart body to become not as heavy as it seems! Just adopt several simple councils from this article.

The beautiful body distinguishes smartness and absence of cellulitis. How to achieve it? 1. Every morning begin with massage with rigid bast or special brush. It stimulates blood circulation, so, skin becomes more elastic. Only be not overzealous!

2. It is necessary to dump couple of kilograms urgently? Stop to salt food. According to nutritionists, water which is given for itself by salt weighs so much.

3. We eulogize vegetable fats, and they really very much also are very useful. But you should not forget that besides they are very caloric. Therefore in salad there will be quite enough one tablespoon of oil.

4. Too intensive trainings can interfere with dumping of weight. The fact is that the organism perceives them as stress, and at stress hormone the cortisol responsible for accumulation of fats is produced. The same effect will be observed from neumenenny consumption of black coffee. Now about skin care: 1. Creams it is necessary to apply only to dry skin! Therefore after shower it is necessary to be wiped well as tap water is ruthless to integument. 2. The sunbed is absolutely harmless if to spend in it no more than 3 minutes for time. During this time UV rays will not manage to injure skin.3. Of course, means from the bathing line perfectly smell sweet, but it is necessary to put them only once from time in the mornings. Before it it is recommended to podstimulirovat skin serum. And finally some more moments.1. Body cream can be used as means for wrappings if to put it with thick layer and to be wrapped in food wrap. By the way, it enhances effect of creams for correction of figure.2. During sleep hormone of growth which is also responsible for balance of fats in organism is produced. The peak of development is necessary for 22 to 2 hours provided that you sleep. Therefore ""larks"" keep symmetry longer, than ""owls"".3. The advantage of fats omega - 3 (cod-liver oil) for skin was minimum by results of recent researches. And here combination of vegetable fats omega - 3,6,9 + vitamin C - fine, useful and digestible complex. So be not too lazy to take extract of primrose of vespers in drugstore. Be beautiful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team