Solar burn medicines

Solar burn medicines

Watching abundance of modern suntan preparations, it is not always possible to avoid appearance of solar burns. As a rule, they are shown by the end of day, after long stay under the open sun. Painful feelings which will spoil all rest result and will deprive of you opportunity to luxuriate on the sun.

If in case of careless behavior in the sun there was solar burn and all its signs (reddening, pain and itch) were already shown, it is worth treating actively places of damages. There are several ways that will get rid of manifestations of solar burns:

  • Compresses from cool milk, sour cream or kefir will help to soften the surface of skin and to eliminate the naggers. Squirrels who contain dairy products promote formation of protective layer on skin which protects from moisture evaporation.
  • For elimination of painful feelings it is possible to accept medicines, for example, "Ibuprofen". Treatment needs to be prolonged for several days.
  • When receiving burns the organism very much needs receiving considerable dose of antioxidant substances. Best of all garnet juice or green tea, fresh fruit and vegetables, berries, nuts and beans will approach.
  • Application of mask from the crude crushed potatoes or crude egg white will be useful.   
  • The substances which are contained in aloe leaves will remove inflammation, will calm and will moisturize the skin. Instead of direct application of parts of plant, it is possible to apply on the damaged sites of skin cosmetics with aloe extracts.
  • When holding hygienic procedures it is not necessary to use soap, fat cream and means with the high content of alcohol.
  • Three times a day should be applied on places of burns the moistening means (milk, cream or lotion).

What cannot be done at solar burns:

  • it is impossible to skin separated from burn as it can lead to bigger inflammatory process;
  • you should not use srubs and the peeling means before full clarification of skin from the died-off particles;
  • at severe forms of burns (bubbles on skin, severe headaches, fever, nausea and temperature increase) you should not self-medicate. At emergence of such symptomatology, it is necessary to ask for the qualified medical care immediately.

Except number of unpleasant consequences, suntan is characterized by also useful effect on organism. It promotes strengthening of immunity, improves metabolism, increases intellectual and physical activity. But abuse equally can do harm to health and beauty of the person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team