Some ideas of New Year's manicure

Some ideas of New Year's manicure

New Year's manicure has to be special - it what happens only once in year. Therefore here the most courageous personal imaginations and also advice of glamourous affairs of masters which will help to make manicure unique are welcomed

New Year's holidays are sparkling of toys, blinking of fir-tree sparks, gloss bother and gift boxes. Among this elegant interior it is easy to get lost, but only not in case to make special New Year's manicure - with it any dress will become brighter and memorable.

So, stock up with varnish with spangles and metal gloss, stickers neyl-art and various decorative pieces which you will consider appropriate on New Year's manicure. Let's forget for a while about service jacket and newd – we will be bright!

1. Let's begin with stickers and with courageous imagination. Look for material for decoration of nails in departments of sale of gift box, in little shops for needlewomen and also on Internet communities of fans of scrapbooking. It as for revelry of your imagination which will lead to absolutely exclusive option of New Year's manicure. If there is no time to be engaged in these researches, it is possible to use ready 3D - sets of neyl-art. Here it is possible to find tipsa with imitation of embroidery and patterns with prints, beads, gold and silver. It is possible to decorate with these masterpieces all nails, and it is possible to allocate one.

2. Rhinestones as well as possible are suitable for creation of festive image. Even if near at hand there are no special spangles for nails, rhinestones perfectly will be suitable for skin. They can be attached glue for false eyelashes or special glue. Try to pick up color of pebble in tone to varnish or to play with contrasts — so you will create interesting combination. Even celebrities decorate nails, for example, with Swarovski crystals. 3. And how the idea with New Year's manicure in the form of gemstones? When on nails shades of diamond, quartz, ruby, moonstone or topaz, they look fantastically beautifully. And if varnish is combined with ring - it is aerobatics at all. Besides, doing manicure before holiday, it is possible to hint the second half at what gift you dream to find under fir-tree. It was necessary to find such varnish - it was available for sale not so long ago. 4. The magnificent accent of gemstones will approach elegant dress, and the dress in style of disco will demand cheerful sequins. They are on sale in any specialized shop or department. They are applied on not dried basic covering, having lowered nail in jar with sequins, then superfluous brush away brush. It is also possible to use small bottles with varnishes of color of pink and white gold with micro confetti – the festive mood will be created in a few minutes. 5. Be not afraid to seem slightly thoughtless — follow example of visitors of beauty shops XVII of Paris of century. They willingly used varnish with spangles (glitter). This varnish can be applied on transparent base, on colourless varnish or on color varnish, creating different effects of transparency, gloss and shades of color. Recommend to finish this manicure with strong covering. Beautiful New year!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team