Srub for the head: why and to whom it is necessary

Srub for the head: why and to whom it is necessary

Srub for the head, what is it? Need or next course of producers? Than it is useful whether it does harm how to use it?

Means for laying, the chlorinated water in the pool, fat masks for hair, bad ecology influence head skin and hair. Even quality cosmetic products remain on hair and hammer skin pores. As a result there can be itch, dandruff, hair will begin to grow more slowly, to drop out, etc. Trichologists insist on additional clarification of head skin. Classical shampoo and shampoo for deep cleansing completely do not cope with this task: they remove excess fat and pollution from the surface of skin, but do not clean the hammered pores and do not eliminate dead cells. The cosmetic market offers different types of srubs for hair.

Types of srubs and structure

With natural and synthetic abrasive particles. They rather strictly work therefore it is necessary to mass skin accurately. - Without abrasive particles on the basis of absorbents. These are soft peelings with uniform structure and creamy structure which gently purify skin. Srubs for hair usually contain different oils, extracts from plants, salicylic acid and other useful components.

What benefit is brought by srub

  • Carefully cleans head skin pores from residues of cosmetics and dead cells.
  • Normalizes skin blood circulation.
  • Feeds hair bulbs.
  • Stimulates growth of hair.

To whom it is useful 

All can use product, especially to fans of laying means, those who suffers from dandruff or the increased skin oiliness of the head.


In the presence of the aggravated dermatological diseases or sensitive head skin it is better to refuse srub.

As it is correct to use srub

Depends on condition of head skin and quantity of the applied additional resources: masks, styling and other products. At oily skin the srub can use once a week, and at dry 1 time in 2 weeks. Before use of srub it is not necessary to wash the head with shampoo. 

Important for those who dye hair: it is not necessary to wash with srub the head after coloring as the powerful tool washes away color. Hairdressers advise to use peeling before putting dye to clean skin and hair. The srub slightly ""will remove"" last color, and the new tone will lay down more even and uniform layer.

Dermatologists do not recommend to ispolzvat the srub made in house conditions. Incorrectly picked up components can injure skin or cause allergy. Producers have already taken care of the correct structure, it is necessary only to choose.

Srubs positively influence head skin and condition of hair therefore it is possible to add safely them on shelf in the bathroom. Be beautiful and healthy!  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team