Steam person baths

Steam person baths

Steam bathtubs – great way to return to face skin elasticity and healthy color. However for each type of skin of bath it is necessary to do in a special way, using special set of ingredients.

Steam bathtub which will be suitable for any types of skin It is necessary to take the deep enameled saucepan and to heat in it water. Then it is necessary to wrap petals of tea rose in gauze and to lower in the boiling water. In a few minutes it is necessary to set aside capacity, to cool a little and it is possible to start the procedure. To make steam bathtub for the person, the person hold the person over steam, having covered the head with terry towel.

The steam bath for fat type of the kozhiet the procedure becomes not less once a week. For the following procedure it is necessary to prepare broth from bark of oak, peppermint (leaves), flowers of linden, camomile and calendula. Each ingredient, has to be, on one tablespoon. After broth has prepared, it needs to be filtered and poured in bath for adoption of the procedure. That at whom time is expanded cosmetologists recommend to add 2 teaspoons of juice of lemon to broth. The procedure is held 10 minutes then the face is washed by lukewarm water, and then, 15 minutes later, skin is wiped with ice cube.

The steam bath for sensitive and dry is better to do the procedure to kozhiet no more once a month. Add root of mallow and peel of orange to water, it is also possible to add camomile, lime color or seeds of chicory. The procedure is carried out no more than 5 minutes, then on the person it is necessary to put compress with boiled water. Then it is necessary to wipe skin with piece of fresh cucumber or to apply nutritious cream. The steam problem skin bath Grass cream is made of hundred grams of the fresh cut fennel, coltsfoot and dandelion leaves, then everything is filled in with boiled water and put on steam bath. After preparation, cream is put on face. For faded skin For the procedure it is necessary to use the enameled basin in which it is necessary to heat water and to add 150 grams of linden (flowers) then to boil about 2-3 minutes. To cover basin with towel and to hold over it the person within 10 minutes. The bath for normal to kozhizavarit 50 grams of cornflower-blue color and sage (50 grams) and to add lavandny oil. The procedure lasts 20-25 minutes. You should not carry out steam procedures of subjects who on face skin has reddening and irritation.

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