Step-by-step master class of drawing on nails of New Year's balls

Step-by-step master class of drawing on nails of New Year's balls

Slowly but surely New Year's Eve vanity creeps. Each house will be decorated with fir-tree and New Year's spheres soon. Why not to dress up also the marigold too?

  • - nail buffer
  • - primer
  • - base
  • - top
  • - color gel polish
  • - white gel-paint without sticky layer
  • - velvet sand of white color or acrylic powder
  • - thin brush
  • - klinser or other liquid for removal of stickiness
  • - rigid brush
  • The sample is shown on tipsa, but the description is given as this design becomes on nail.

1. The nail is standardly prepared. Nail buffer gloss is removed, it is processed by primer, base and dries in lamp. In two layers color gel polish is applied and again it is dried. In this option burgundy color. Then becomes covered by top and it is again put on drying in lamp. If the top with sticky layer, then stickiness is removed.

2. The drop of white gel polish, or gel-paint is applied on palette, diluted with top to translucent state, for giving to future spheres of light transparency. Further the paint diluted with top on nail draws underpainting of two spheres. The drawing dries in lamp.

3. Béla gel-paint circles spheres and the drawing dries in lamp.

4. The drawing is supplemented with string and other fine details for giving of realness to future balls. At this stage the design dries in lamp again.

5. Further in those places where the snowball on balls in your opinion has to lie, once again white gel-paint lines appear, do not dry and powdered with white velvet sand or acrylic powder. At this stage the drawing is again put in lamp. After drying the rigid brush has shaken excess sand from design.

6. From above the bow is drawn, dries in lamp. And as well as with spheres, lines are circled only in those places where snow has to lie, and powdered with velvet sand. The ready design is dried in lamp. New Year's spheres are ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team