Stone lazurite: magic and medicinal properties

Stone lazurite: magic and medicinal properties

Lazurite — the stone having surprising beauty and big set of properties, both magic, and medical. Exactly thanks to it it is also appreciated. Besides mineral not too expensive therefore can buy it everyone.

Around stone of lazurite huge number of legends goes. According to data of mineralogists, for the first time semi-precious stone was found in the territory of the Persian Empire more than 3 thousand years ago. The crystal has been found absolutely accidentally during extraction of marble. 

Lazurite has instantly drawn attention of tsars. Throughout the long period of time it was carried only by influential persons. Slaves who extracted minerals were killed that they have not taken away stone to themselves. 

In Ancient Egypt stone lazurite was considered as sacred. It was connected good luck Amon-Ra. Rings with mineral were carried by chief judges. Semi-precious stone was put in grave that Osiris judged deceased fairly. In tomb the archeologists have also found the most ancient mineral. Lazurite has decorated funeral mask of Tutankhamun. 

In Russia the stone became popular thanks to Ivan the Terrible. 

Magic properties of lazurite

Sky blue Christal will suit people who aim at positive changes in the life, but are not capable to take the first step in the direction of exit from comfort zone. Lazurite — fine charm and the assistant. It fills the owner with force, energy. 

The stone has one more rather good magic property. Lazurite is capable to clear environment of envious persons and persons who wish to the owner of mineral of harm. 

According to legends, semi-precious stone is recommended to be bought in case it is impossible to become pregnant. With its help the desire is implemented. Childbirth will take place without complications, the child will be born completely healthy. 

Magic properties of lazurite following:

  1. With its help it is possible to raise intuition and insight;
  2. The stone will help to distinguish that the person lies;
  3. The relations thanks to mineral will become stronger and stable;
  4. Lonely people by means of crystal will find the love;
  5. Lazurite helps to find spiritual balance;
  6. The stone will disclose talents and will help to find inspiration;
  7. Using mineral, it is possible to get rid of stress, to calm down.

Medicinal properties of lazurite

The stone possesses not only magic qualities. It can be used in medicine. According to litoterapevt, mineral positively affects health of the owner. 

In ancient years, mineral in powdery look was applied as antidote. Legends go that by means of lazurite it is possible to cope with various poisonings which cause vomiting.  

Lazurite helped to gain weight if the organism has been very strongly exhausted. In the east the stone was used as mascot. It was handed to pregnant wives of the sultan. People believed that thanks to influence of stone the woman will give birth to the healthy and strong kid. 

Medicinal properties of lazurite following:

  1. Strengthens sight if regularly to look at mineral;
  2. Helps to calm down;
  3. Improves dream;
  4. Earrings will make hair of lazurite healthier, will increase their volume;
  5. The nugget helps to normalize activity of thyroid gland;
  6. By means of crystal it is possible to stop bleeding.

To asthmatics of litoterapevta recommend to get bracelet from lazurite and to carry it on the right hand. 

Who suits lazurite

There is opinion that it is the best of all for lonely girls to carry stone. By means of mineral they will be able to find the soulmate and to find family happiness. The ring with semi-precious stone will make the relations stronger and stable. 

Who suits on zodiac sign stone lazurite? According to astrologers practically all people can carry mineral. However it is not recommended to be got to Capricorns. To representatives of this zodiac sign stone lazurite will only do much harm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team