Sugaring - features of application

Sugaring - features of application

Smooth skin beautifully looks and is very nice on the touch. Especially relevant it during the summer period. The shining body without hint on hairs allows girls to wear very open and effective dresses. One of popular and very demanded ways of epilation is the sugaring.

Sugaring: natural product for appearance bodies

The sugaring is understood as the epilation made by means of special paste. Material is created only from natural components: sugar, citric acid and water. Some pastes for sugaring can include additional elements. For example, herbs decoctions, honey or essential oils. These components help to calm skin, feed it and do to softer.

The procedure is very similar to waxing. It is necessary to take paste piece, it is good to warm it in palms. When material becomes very plastic, it should be smeared on skin, "raising" hairs. Then the easy and fast movement paste should be removed. The remains are perfectly washed away by means of warm water.

The sugaring can be carried out on all sites of skin demanding epilation. Subject to this procedure legs, axillary hollows, bikini zone, stomach bottom. The epilation sugar paste saves from hair approximately for 10-15 days. That the result long pleased you, it is necessary to consider features of application of sugaring.

Sugaring: as it is correct to get rid of hair

The sugaring is the procedure a little painful, but very effective. Undesirable are depilated for a long time, doing skin beautiful and silky. The sugar epilation has features. First, before the procedure it is necessary to prepare skin. For this purpose special napkins, peeling or terry towel will approach. These means will help to raise hairs that will provide great result from sugar epilation. Secondly, masters advise to apply paste for sugaring against growth, and to remove in the direction of growth of hair. It will allow to avoid oblamyvaniye of hairs during removal and the subsequent their growing. Also such approach will not allow strong irritation of integument. Thirdly, for epilation of different zones it is necessary to use new pieces of paste. Professionals also recommend to move on body from top to down - to begin with face and to finish with legs.

Sugaring: precautionary measures

The sugaring is the simple cosmetic procedure which can be carried out to house conditions. But that process left exclusively pleasant impressions, it is necessary to listen to councils of professionals. Work with paste has nuances which can turn epilation into the real torture. One of the main problems of sugaring is sticking. Most often it happens because of moist skin or the wrong putting material. Talc use will help to prevent sticking. Also it is possible to remove the formed defect by means of new piece, having added it over old. The second problem – emergence of pain. This feature of sugaring is connected with two reasons. The first – physiological factor, the second – technical. It is almost impossible to cope with the first reason. The technical factor depends on actions of the master and the correct work with paste. For example, material has to be carefully prepared, skin at removal needs to be recorded well, having a little pulled. If the sugaring is carried out in zone of strong sweating, preliminary putting talc will help to reduce unpleasant feelings.

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