Sugaring in house conditions

Sugaring in house conditions

In anticipation of beach season especially sharply there is question: "How to make the skin smooth and attractive, without excess vegetation?" Now there is set of ways of removal of hairs: machines, depilatory cream, wax strips, sugaring.

Advantages of sugaring

Sugaring - the easiest and effective way of removal of hairs in house conditions. This procedure does not demand big financial expenses and any special skills. For preparation of sugar weight it will be required to you several spoons of sugar, citric acid or juice of lemon and water.

It is also necessary to note that the procedure of sugar epilation is absolutely hypoallergenic. For preparation of sugar weight use only natural components unlike other means which part chemical additives, fragrances, dyes are. This way will approach all-type skin, even sensitive and inclined to irritation.

The procedure of sugaring is almost painless as at its carrying out there is removal only of hairs, without mentioning the surface of skin, as when waxing. After its carrying out you are not traumatized, bruises, reddenings or irritation of skin. The effect of sugar epilation remains from 10 to 20 days. At the same time you will forever forget about inflammation hair follicle and the grown hairs. At sugaring hairs are removed on their growth, without damaging bulb.

The recipe for preparation of sugar weight in house conditions

For preparation of sugar weight on 1-2 applications to be necessary for you 6 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons of water, ½ tablespoons of citric acid, small bucket for preparation of weight and glass with cold water for readiness check. So, procedure of preparation: • fill 6 tablespoons of sugar in pan and add 2 tablespoons of water. It is better to take water warm that sugar was quicker dissolved, and at you caramel weight with grains of sand has not turned out. We put the received weight on slow fire and we cook constantly stirring slowly; • when mix begins to get caramel smell and color it is checked for readiness. Drip a little caramel in cold water if it stiffens in the form of droplet — weight is ready; • add ½ tablespoons of citric acid, remove from fire and continue to stir slowly before receiving homogenous mixture; • we pour the received weight in plastic container and we leave to cool down. As soon as mix cools down to room temperature it is possible to start implementation of the procedure.

We perform the procedure of sugaring of the house

After the prepared sugar weight has cooled down, it is possible to start process of epilation. For this purpose we take small amount of caramel and we knead in hands to plastic state. Then, we distribute the turned-out weight on the site of skin with hairs. Mix should be applied against growth of hair. Having waited some time, by the sharp movement it is broken the put caramel on growth of hair. Thus it is gradually processed all surface with undesirable hairs. Usually the procedure of sugaring is performed hands, but for bigger convenience it is possible to use fabric strips, putting them over caramel weight. If in the course of the procedure sugar weight has cooled down, it can be warmed up on water bath — having placed vessel with mix in hot water. The sugar epilation well is suitable for small hairs — 2-5 mm. For longer hairs it is necessary to choose other procedure of processing. Sugaring — perfect procedure for house application. Technology of its performance is simple and safe for your skin. The sugaring will always allow you to remain beautiful, performing saloon procedures at home.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team