Sugaring: the bandage equipment in house conditions

Sugaring: the bandage equipment in house conditions

The sugaring is removal of hair with root by means of sugar paste. Many pluses have this appearance of epilation and are popular. Sugaring less sickly look of epilation than, for example, wax. Many do this procedure in house conditions. For this purpose it is possible to buy or weld paste independently. It is not difficult to study the equipment, it is necessary to follow rules and to prepare demanded for the procedure.

There are two technicians of sugaring: bandage and manual. In house conditions it is much simpler to study to do independently sugaring by the bandage equipment by means of special strips, the pallet and talc (powder) for epilation. The pallet it is possible to buy in drugstore, in shop where means for epilation are on sale or to order on the Internet. It is better to take packing of wooden disposable pallets or to buy metal reusable. Plastic you should not buy, it has no durability and can break. It is possible to do sugaring when hairs have grown on 3-5 mm.


  • Diabetes;
  • Burns;
  • The procedure of chemical peeling or dermabraziya less than one week prior to epilation;
  • The procedure of deep peeling in salon less than in 48 hours prior to epilation;
  • Heart failure;
  • Wounds, abscesses and skin diseases;
  • Varicosity;
  • Papillomas or birthmarks on places where it is going to make sugaring;
  • Hypertension;
  • Intake of medicines: Roakkutan, Adapalen, Hydrochinone ointment, Tazaroten, Tretinoin, Differin, Izotretinoin, A. Retin.

Best of all before sugaring to consult with the doctor.

Types of strips for the bandage equipment

1. Paper – do not differ in high durability, but the cheapest type of bandage.

2. Fabric (cotton) – resistant material, is suitable for application several times.

3. Polymeric – is suitable for reusable use. The most expensive look of bandage, but also the most practical.

What to replace with

Many fans of house sugaring just cut office paper on strips not to buy special. In the same way arrive also with fabric. If the special bandage is not available, it is possible to make strips independently, and it is better to iron fabric strips the iron to process them from microbes high temperature.

How to weld paste

It is better to cook sugar paste in pan.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 6 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 1⁄2 tablespoons of citric acid;
  • 2 tablespoons of water;

This quantity will be enough only for sugaring of legs to knees therefore if it is necessary to receive more paste – the amount of ingredients increases by 2-3 times. It is necessary to put pan with future paste on average fire and to stir slowly constantly. As soon as sugar is dissolved, and weight will become light-honey color – paste needs to be removed from fire.

How to do sugaring

1. Paste after preparation has to cool down. It is necessary to choose the convenient location for sugaring, to prepare the pallet and strips. It is necessary to take shower or bath and to make scrubbing of skin on those places where it is supposed to do epilation.

2. Leather needs to be processed talc for the best compound of paste with hairs.

3. To apply paste against growth of hair, to paste strip and the sharp parallel movement of hand to tear off bandage on growth of hair. Thus to carry out all procedure of sugaring.

4. To process leather Chlorhexidin (antiseptic) or special tonic for disinfection. To wash away residues of paste warm water.

5. To grease skin with the nutritious or moisturizing cream or lotion.

6. Every 3-5 days it is necessary to make repeated scrubbing of skin to avoid growing of hairs.

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