Tattoos and their value

Tattoos and their value

From symbolics of tattoo have turned into art form on which masters earn considerable money. Besides to make the drawing on body not the painless procedure. But many people decide on it in hope to open for themselves new impressions.

Cook's gift

Be not surprised, James Cook for the first time used concept of tattoo of the report on the travel to Polynesia. Thanks to it to tata — Polynesian just right as it is necessary has entered the use by Europeans. Today tattoos have turned into tattoos, in the prison environment in the headdresses defining the status of their owner. But how was at the beginning?

Initially it is even not drawings, but scars which were the nonverbal speech of the person about themselves. The next-to-skin drawing differed depending on origin, the social status, floor, popularity in the tribe.

The tattooed person looked as though cut up and only when gazing it was possible to distinguish logic of these scars. Cook has found the culture of tattoo already at drawing stage. Therefore has shown in the report similarity of Polynesian culture from European which had no special name.

Hidden meanings

Behind each tattoo there is any given message. Many people apply on body drawings temporary or permanent, with scars or without them. The tattoo as type of unusual art helps the person to open and approve the inner world. If in the ancient time drawing the drawing on body in any tribe was ugly need, then this graphic evidence of informality of the person, subjective perception of freedom now. And the tattoo is brighter, the more picturesque its owner looks. First of all it were symbols which reflected mystical feelings, belief of the person in the world of spirits. Quite often subject of permanent make-up are totemic animals which are represented on certain parts of body, thereby emphasize their sense. The wolf, for example, is always represented on shoulder or shin that means force and cunning. Lion on breast — courage, etc. Krom of images, tattoos happen in the form of figures, words, points, abbreviations — all this reflects the codification of any community clear only to the carrier and those for whom drawings are the text. Even the hierarchy of drawings the has appeared. These are synonyms in fact, but in modern use they have turned into different types of next-to-skin painting. Tattoos, as a rule, concern lovers of body art. By means of these the technician there were eyelashes and bright lips which are not changing color, registration of intimate places — expressional involvement of the man. Headdress — determination of the status of the person in prison society. The meaning of headdress is brought most closer to ancient understanding of the next-to-skin drawing. And tattoo... Here the greatest freedom and to the artist and the client is just given. The most various subjects and receptions can be thought up in this area. In the ancient time as paint such dyes as coal dust, henna, ochre were used. Tattoos jammed shark tooth or needle from prickle. And rotor or induction machines are now used. There are tattoos of clan accessory, for example, in Japan at the Yakuza. When the person is admitted to this syndicate, change name which is expressed not so much in the address, how many in its reading on body. And the drawing displays visual value of name and role of its owner in clan. Often tattoos serve as incentive to change of life or fix something endured. Anyway, it is the important social tool which can tell about the person much more eloquently than words.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team