Than and as it is possible to accelerate growth of hair

Than and as it is possible to accelerate growth of hair

Thick, long, well-groomed hair — dream of large number of girls. However often it happens so that having reached certain length, hair slow down the growth. How by means of available means to grow magnificent head of hear?

About hair

Average growth of hair of the person in month reaches 1-1.5 cm, at the same time in the flying they grow quicker, and in the winter - more slowly. But long hair usually very dry are also subject to fragility. Therefore growing at roots, they are at the same time broken off at tips, and visually is not always noticeable that length of hair increases. To avoid fragility and the section of tips, it is necessary to strengthen hair on all length. Besides at some women the hair grow very slowly — about 0.5 cm a month. Various ways of stimulation follicle of hair bulbs can solve this problem, but there are no miracles thanks to which hair will grow on 3-5 cm in thirty days at once.

The mechanical methods promoting growth of hair

Regularly comb hair massage brush with natural or wooden bristle. It is enough to give to this process of 10 minutes before going to bed. At the same time comb hair careful smooth movements diversely. Micromassage of head skin results, blood circulation and, therefore, food of skin cells and hair bulbs amplifies.

Very well massage of head skin influences the growth rate of hair. It also strengthens food and blood circulation, at the same time during massage there is more intensive and, therefore, effective impact on skin. If at massage to rub the burdock and castor oil diluted with several drops of one of the following essential oils in skin: ylang-ylang, sage, rosemary, it is possible to achieve amazing effect. When washing hair, indulge them with contrast shower. For this purpose alternately change water temperature from hot for cold.

The masks promoting growth of hair

Practically all masks intended for the solution of the considered problem incorporate the substances possessing irritant action on skin. At the expense of it there is also noticeable growth of hair. Mask with mustard powder. To make this mask, in small pan mix 1 tablespoon of mustard powder, 2 crude yolks, whether 100 ml of kefir of 2 tablespoons of burdock oil. Accurately distribute structure at roots of hair, put on polyethylene hat and wrap the head towel. In 40-60 minutes wash away warm water with shampoo. It is possible to do such mask not more often than 1 time a week. Be ready that the structure will burn down skin therefore if you feel strong discomfort — at once wash up hair not to receive ozheg. Mask with cinnamon. Mix 1 tsp of castor, almond or burdock oil from 2 tsps of honey and 1 tsp of powder of cinnamon. Accurately rub ready structure in head skin. You hold mask on the head about 1 hour, and then carefully wash away shampoo. Mask with ginger. Rub small amount of fresh root of ginger on small grater and carefully wring out juice. Smear with juice head skin, wrap hair towel and you resemble so 30-40 minutes. Then wash up hair. Besides the described external impacts on hair, it is necessary and internally. Surely reconsider the diet which has to include fruit and vegetables, dairy and proteinaceous products. Sports activities and comfortable mental state will also have positive impact on the general condition of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team