Than the plant jojoba is unique

Than the plant jojoba is unique

represents branchy bush up to three meters high, it meets mainly in Asia. Fruits jojoba are eaten, and oil is in the increased demand in cosmetology.

Fruits jojoba are added to dishes of the Japanese and Chinese cuisines and also to some seasonings. They have tonic and expectorant effect, are applied at food poisonings. Fruits jojoba contain the special waxy substance known as jojoba oil.

Structure and useful properties of products of plant

Jojoba oil represents the dense substance having high biological activity. On chemical composition this oil approaches human skin fat therefore it is almost ideally acquired by organism.

Jojoba oil has number of unique properties, at the same time without having restrictions and contraindications in use. It is hypoallergenic therefore it can be applied even to the most gentle and sensitive skin. Including, by means of this oil it is possible to look after the child's skin. The product contains a lot of vitamin E. It allocates it with the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerating properties. The increased vitamin E content also allows jojoba oil not to be oxidized long that is very important for its application in cosmetology.

Use of jojoba oil

Oil of plant is applied in cosmetology as universal remedy to care for hair, skin of face and body. It is suitable for any type of skin, normalizing its state. The jojoba oil applied to head skin, inclined to fat content, effectively eliminates the excess of skin fat. It will add to dry hair natural gloss, will strengthen them and will reduce fragility. It helps and with fight against hair loss. Jojoba oil – fine means in fight against age changes of skin. It is capable to get into the deep skin layers and to create there protective layer that prevents moisture loss. As a result, the quantity of wrinkles decreases. Collagen also is part of jojoba oil, it promotes increase in elasticity of skin. Provitamin A and vitamin E help to struggle with free radicals that presenilation warns. Oil of bush and in the esthetic purposes is applied. By means of it it is possible to reduce quantity of extensions and to improve appearance of skin. It can use even at pregnancy and feeding breast when the structure of integument on many parts of the body is damaged. Jojoba oil is applied in medicine as means against many serious skin diseases. It is recommended at psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, skin inflammations and reddenings.

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