Than to remove traces from pimples

Than to remove traces from pimples

Pimples on the face spoil mood, but depresses even more when after them there are traces. They can not pass for several months, but there are means which help to reduce them effectively.

Quite often after the pimple has descended, on its place there is trace in the form of bruise. Such phenomenon is observed when the person tried to squeeze out it and has brought infection in wound. That is why dermatologists do not recommend to act independently. But if the problem has appeared, then it needs to be solved, it is possible to make it by means of make-shifts.

Masks from traces from pimples

Masks will help to remove traces from pimples. Their structure can be miscellaneous, but the most effective are in what there is white clay. Often 3 times that there is no trace left from pimples happen to put enough such mask. As additional components it is possible to advise to use lemon juice or vinegar. Here only they can strongly bleach skin therefore add them gradually (3-4 drops). The cucumber mask well copes with traces from pimples. For this purpose it is necessary to grate vegetable and to put the turned-out gruel on all face approximately for 15 minutes. It is necessary to repeat the procedure not less than 7 times with break in 3 days. This mask will help not only to get rid of bruises, but also will pull together skin and also will return to the person freshness.

Essential oils

Essential oils of rosemary and tea tree will help with fight against traces from pimples. Important before drawing on skin to part them with base oil in proportion 1:3. If to ignore this council, then on the place of trace from pimple the burn will flaunt, cases of allergic reactions are frequent. Also oils of mint and lavender will help to cope with this problem. Action at them less aggressive therefore it is possible not to part them. For achievement of lasting effect it will be required to apply to skin mix of 5 times with break in 1 day. Very well parsley broth copes with this problem, but total disappearance of cosmetic defect will require about a month.

Saloon procedures

If there is no wish to resort to masks and essential oils, then for removal of traces from pimples it is necessary to go to salon. Experienced cosmetologists will help to get rid of this problem for one-two sessions. Usually ultrasonic face peel becomes, pollution clean up at the same time and the complexion improves. However, if on it there are a lot of traces from pimples, then can offer vacuum cleaning. Such procedure is very effective, besides, it saves from small hems and scars. Before going to salon, it is necessary to learn the cost of this service as it costs much enough as yields good results from the first, but it will be possible to save own time.

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