That it is better: shellac or vinilux

That it is better: shellac or vinilux

Difficult unambiguously to answer question that it is better - shellac or vinilux. In essence it is different products. But nevertheless it is possible to try to consider their merits and demerits in details.

Every day, more and more advanced care products and to design of nails appear. According to fresh trends, it is necessary only to choose between habitual shellac and newer product.

Vinilux – modern covering for nails. The unique structure allows it to keep on nails about 7 days.

This product has number of features:

  • In structure there are no harmful and toxic components.
  • It is put as usual varnish, but at the same time very thin and strong.
  • The wide color palette will satisfy any requirements.
  • Gradual impact of light on varnish increases its durability. Color is resistant to changes.
  • Process of drawing does not demand base. The two-phase system differs from shellac which needs use of 3 means. It not only is convenient, but also it is favorable.
  • Full drying happens in 10 minutes. For this purpose UF does not need lamp or other devices as it quickly dries in the open air.
  • Removal of covering is carried out quickly and just by means of means for removal of varnish on the basis of acetone.
  • In time socks additional leaving is not required. After full drying of varnish it is possible to be engaged in daily affairs.
  • Means is ideal both for house, and for saloon use.

Shellac – the means which has successfully united in itself varnish and gel. Among features it is possible to note:

  • The product is just put, has no characteristic pungent smell. It has high degree of firmness and long period of storage.
  • It is possible to carry on nails 2 weeks, without loss of saturation of color, gloss, and without emergence of chips.
  • Mirror gloss cannot be confused with any other covering.
  • The improbable subtlety of layers prevents heavy feeling on nails.
  • Allows to create unique palette at the expense of possibility of mixture and stratification of shades.
  • At covering gel polish there is no need for aggressive impact on nail plate.

Shellac concedes to vinilux in what leads to thinning of nails, therefore, they will need periodic rest.

It appears, it is not so simple to make choice therefore it is better to test both coverings on the hands. Anyway regardless of the chosen product, the main thing that marigold had accurate appearance, and varnish will only emphasize identity of image.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team