That the figure pear means

That the figure pear means

In the second half of the 20th century the new standards of beauty ordering to girls to resemble boys were created. The Tviggi model became the first inspirer of this fashion. But actresses who had figure pear remained recognized sex symbols all the same. As the similar type of the constitution looks.

All women different, it makes them unique. Those who have figure type – pear, often try to change themselves to look more standard. Alas, at such approach all identity disappears.

As it looks

It is not difficult to provide as the figure pear if personally to see it fruit with the made narrower top and massive bottom looks. But the figure of this kind is often confused with hourglasses.

The figure pear is narrow graceful shoulders, small breast, flat tummy, slender waist and full legs whereas hourglasses can have wide quite magnificent bust and shoulders. In practice it looks is very womanly, only owners of such constitution often not delighted with the constitution. At what celebrities figure type – pear? First of all it is the singer Shakira who even grown stout looks gracefully because of narrow waist. Also Rihanna, Beyonce, J Lo and Sandra Ballok treats this type. Some of these women are inclined to completeness, others are not present. But all of them are united by one problem zone - hips and buttocks. But once he goes on diet, the breast decreases in the eyes, and clavicles are sharply designated. All who treat this type of the constitution need to devote much time to legs that they have not acquired cellulitis. Also it is worth wearing the corresponding clothes to counterbalance proportions.

What to carry to women with similar figure

So, you have understood how the figure pear looks. If you have such constitution, it is necessary to create visual volume from above to distract attention from massive bottom. First of all consider that blouses and tops with deep cut are contraindicated to you. Secondly, try to avoid smooth fabrics from above and light shades from below. Ideally on figure pear blouses with jabot and shot sleeve small lamp look. It is possible to add such article of clothing with tight skirt pencil or classical trousers with direct trouser-legs. The sheath dress complemented with string of pearls or scarf will look very elegantly. Try to carry constantly accessories on neck and in ears. Also do not refuse headdresses. And here the bottom has to be laconic. Any puffy skirts, shapeless trousers, short of the shouting coloring. All clothes from below have to be the muffled tones whereas the top can be decorated with both strip, and peas, and cage, and other intricate bright pattern. Selecting clothes for figure of pear it is necessary to remember that in it not the place to flats and other footwear on flat sole. Visually to extend legs and to make hips more harmonious, it is necessary to wear court shoes, high heels, sandals on the platform.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team