The best dry face skin cream – as it is correct to choose

The best dry face skin cream – as it is correct to choose

cream is irreplaceable for skin of any type, but especially skin dry needs it. Because of insufficient moisture content owing to deficiency of grease secret it is most inclined to early withering and appearance of mimic wrinkles. Correctly picked up daily application cream will become pledge of its comfort and beauty.

Dry skin – the young lady gentle and sensitive, demanding to herself the delicate and attentive relation. 

Inclined to presenilation, thin and dehydrated, it needs regular moistening and nutrition that will provide it restoration of protective cloak and noticeable improvement of health.

What has to be dry skin cream

The best face cream is that which is made on the basis of lamellar emulsion – cosmetic basis at which molecular structure there are lipids identical to lipids of corneal layer of skin of the person.The lamellar emulsion most is similar to our skin, is biologically compatible to it. It promotes its full moistening and regeneration, is quickly absorbed and serves as the excellent conductor of the active agents which are part of cream, cells of epidermis.

Lamellar cosmetics of pharmaceutical and professional class has perfectly proved in the inflamed, injured, allergichny and sensitive skin care.It serves as additional source of fatty acids which, joining in skin metabolism, reduce risk of emergence of peelings and reddenings, accelerate healing of wounds and scratches, have antimicrobic effect.

Face creams with vegetable squalane 

Vegetable squalane is completely natural restorer of lipidic substance of skin. 

This substance is received from olive oil, rice bran, sugar cane. It has high penetration, is easily distributed on skin; after absorption creates feeling of softness and silkiness. Does not hammer time, does not interfere with skin breath.

Squalane – the powerful antiseptic agent liquidating inflammatory processes on skin.

What is useful for dry skin

When choosing cream it is important to pay attention to friendly to dry skin components. It can be:

  • vegetable oils – shi, jojoba, germs of wheat, avocado, cocoa, grape seed;
  • linoleic, linolenic and hyaluronic acids, ceramides, liposomes;
  • vitamins – A, D, E, F.In drugstore it is often possible to meet dry skin creams with lanolin (with fat of sheep wool) and mineral oils. 

Such cosmetics cannot be used on constant basis; it is possible to resort to them only in case of emergency, for example, when it is required to protect skin from aggressive factors of the environment: low temperatures, strong wind.

Their task is to create impenetrable film which will interfere with moisture loss on the surface of epidermis.

Comprehensive care behind dry skin

Cream use – the major, but not the only stage in face care.

It is necessary not only to humidify and feed dry skin, but also to clean and tone up daily.

Hygienic means for dry skin has to be sparing in every sense: it is ideal if it is milk or cosmetic cream.Soap, srubs, spirit lotions – under a ban.

Hydroarmour, for example roses Damask, centaurea, linden are suitable for tonization (procedure which is carried out before putting cream).

Use of sunblock cream with SPF not lower than 35 – is obligatory, especially during the summer period.

Masks with oil of aragana and extract of pomegranate will allow to soften and impregnate corneal layer of epidermis. And to increase its elasticity and elasticity – serums with routines, vitamin C, panthenol, essential oil of bergamot.

Competent dry skin care will serve as guarantee of her health and beautiful appearance! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team