The careful cleaning means for skin: hydrophilic oil

The careful cleaning means for skin: hydrophilic oil

There are many cosmetic medicines intended for skin clarification. One of modern means is hydrophilic oil. Exactly thanks to it such procedure as the Japanese washing became available to the Russian women.

Hydrophilic oil is soft means for face cleansing. It is made on the basis of various oils and emulsifier. Remedies on the basis of apricot kernel oil, almond and jojoba are universal. Therefore they are suitable for normal skin. The hydrophilic oil made with use of oil of avocado, the carriage and wheat germs is intended for dry skin. And the means made of grape seed oil, hazelnut, rice bran, sasankva will be suitable for fat type of skin.

Hydrophilic oil perfectly copes with any pollution and decorative cosmetics, including waterproof.

Quite recently VV-creams were available for sale. Their producers recommend to use hydrophilic oil to remove cream from face. At contact with water, oil turns into the most delicate milk having the good cleaning properties.

The Japanese type of washing with hydrophilic oil belongs to deep cleansing skin. Therefore 2-3 times a week are recommended to carry out the procedure not more often.

Hydrophilic oil is suitable for any type of skin. Owners of the fat and combined skin doubt, whether they should use oil for clarification. And it is absolutely vain! Means is related to skin: it deeply gets into time and gently cleans them, and then is washed away as easy and not fat emulsion. Oil does not zhirnit and does not overdry skin. Thanks to water-soluble properties, oil does not hammer time and does not provoke inflammation. One more surprising property of oil is maintaining water balance of skin that is very important for beauty and healthy shine of the person.

Composition of hydrophilic oil: 85-90% of oils and 10%-15% of emulsifier.

With the advent of hydrophilic oil on counters of cosmetic shops such procedure as the Japanese washing became available. It consists of two stages: clarification by hydrophilic oil and washing by dense foam. In the beginning apply oil to skin by means of cotton pad. Then execute oil massage on the respective lines. Continue massage by the finger-tips which are slightly moistened in water. And later remove emulsion from skin with warm water. For the second stage of washing you need cleansing foam. Squeeze out big sphere on hand and put it on face. Accurately distribute foam on surface, and later wash away. Foam does not stretch skin, and softly slides on it. Washing with hydrophilic oil very sparing and effective therefore it is suitable even for sensitive skin. Result of the Japanese washing simply stunning. Practically right after it skin gets opaque shade, becomes silky, elastic and smooth. Enlarged pores become clean and narrowed. Post-acnes become less noticeable. After washing it is recommended to use cream, serums and gels. Active components of these means get into deep skin layers better, saturating it with nutrients. Remember that skin after such washing becomes susceptible to the irritating factors. Therefore it is not necessary to go outside in the nearest future. As users of hydrophilic oil note, its regular application promotes growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. It is possible to clean with oil not only face skin, but also body skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team