The choice of base oil for problem skin of the person

The choice of base oil for problem skin of the person

Treatment of problem skin demands integrated approach: it includes improvement of organism from within and also the cosmetic procedures making on skin favorable impact from the outside. Especially effectively in this case use of base oils, including olive, linseed, almond, peach oil, oil from wheat germs, etc.

Problem skin can be divided into 3 types conditionally: - sensitive and dry, which slope to appearance of early wrinkles and irritation; - oily skin with enlarged pores;

- the combined skin in which problems of the first and second type are inherent. Though treatment of skin of everyone of this kind is selected individually, there are base oils which effectively cope with all "delights" of problem skin.

Olive oil for problem skin

This oil is rich with acids (linolenic, olein and linoleic), vitamins D, E and A and also polyphenols, tokoferola, sterol and squalene. It makes excellent impact on skin: removes irritation, accelerates healing, fills skin with moisture, levels its color and even smoothes wrinkles. That is why olive oil – so popular cosmetic used for problem skin of the person. If it is about dry skin, olive oil can be used as day and night creams (it rather easy and does not hammer time). As for olive oil influence on oily skin with enlarged pores, it is surprising: this cosmetic not only moisturizes the skin, normalizing work of her sebaceous glands, but also narrows pores.

Oil of olive does not cause allergy therefore it can be used even for children's skin care.

Peach oil – the effective help for problem skin

On structure oil from peach stones is very close to oil of almonds and oil from apricot stones. It richly saturated (palmitic, behenic, stearin, myristic, etc.), monounsaturated (erucic, olein and others) and polyunsaturated (linoleic, alpha and linoleic) fatty acids. Thanks to such diverse structure, peach oil excellently humidifies, fully feeds, remarkably softens and perfectly calms skin. This oil is recommended to use to owners of dry and sensitive skin and also at fat type.

This oil can be used for eyelid skin care.

Almond oil – the fine choice for problem skin

In almond oil huge set of valuable substances: vitamins, fatty acids, tokoferola, etc. This oil is wonderful! Thanks to availability of vitamin A it moisturizes the skin. In turn vitamin F which is present here normalizes work of sebaceous glands and prevents expansion of time. At the same time, such oil removes irritation, removes inflammation, keeps tone of skin and feeds it. Almond oil can be used as independently, and together with essential oils, for example, with santalaceous, lemon or pink.

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