The correct increased hair care

The correct increased hair care

Each girl dreams to look beautifully and fashionably, and one of basic elements of beauty are hair. If the woman worries that her hair not so long as she would like, then in that case exit one: to go to salon and to increase hair. They look very beautifully and elegantly, however and leaving they demand special. For this reason it is necessary to remember several golden rules not to spoil image and to look always refined.

The correct washing of the increased hair

  1. First of all, you should think over, where to get good means for the increased hair care. Ask the master who did you the cosmetic procedure what shampoos and conditioners need to use that the structure of hair has not deteriorated. Remember that the increased locks fasten to natural hair by means of capsules therefore it is necessary to be very careful, selecting shampoo and conditioner. If you look for way to feed the increased hair, then you best of all will suit the cosmetics incorporating milk protein.
  2. During washing of the increased hair it is necessary to be very careful. The head needs to be held vertically, without inclining it forward that locks were not mixed up. Also take care of that water temperature was not too low or high. It can do much harm to structure of hair and lead to the fact that it is necessary to do the procedure of building anew.
  3. Shampoo needs to be applied on hair slowly and to take its couple of minutes, then also slowly and to wash away accurately.
  4. After washing it is necessary to wipe hair carefully and carefully soft towel. You do not dry hair phenom, it is better that they have dried in the natural way.

Combing and laying of the increased hair

It is worth combing hair after drying when they become softer and "obedient". Pay special attention to capsules by means of which the increased locks fasten, however sites where special tapes fasten, it is not necessary to touch. Every evening before going to bed carefully comb hair and braid in hard braid not to injure them during sleep. 

Before styling hair, ask council the hairdresser what staylingovy means best of all are suitable for laying to the increased hair. If you prefer more difficult types of laying, then in this case they should be done only in special salon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team