The extended caret – we create image on examples of miracles

The extended caret – we create image on examples of miracles

It is possible to refresh image and to give it luster by means of successfully picked up hairstyle. If you the owner of straight and long hair, round or oval face, the hairstyle of caret ideally emphasizes your advantages and will hide shortcomings.

The extended caret is fashionable and modern option of hairstyle. It is possible to make the extended hairstyle on all length of hair or caret with the extended locks at the person. The first option, perhaps, will suit more those who want to change something in the image, but does not wish to leave long hair. There is nothing surprising that many celebrities at least once used such hairstyle in the image.

On the example of Eva Longoria it is well visible that the hairstyle of caret can absolutely look differently. The actress appeared in public with volume caret of average length more than once. In some images it combed curled locks for ears, emphasizing with that long and harmonious neck. And Charlize Theron and Sandra Ballok experimented not only with laying, but also hairstyle length, cardinally changing the appearance.

In caret it is possible to apply asymmetry, so, for example, front locks can have identical or different length. The asymmetric caret is ideally combined with the graduated locks, at the same time not only the structure of hair, but also their volume changes. The short asymmetric caret long time was carried by the singer Rihanna, she smoothly straightened and stacked locks so that her hairstyle was same ideal, as at the Egyptian tsarevna Cleopatra.

It is possible not only to straighten classical caret with the extended front locks, but also to round off the ends in different directions by means of hairbrush brushing. Structural curls – also weakness of the singer Rihanna. It often pleased with such hairstyle the admirers, only periodically changing hair color.

The extended caret – it opportunity not only is beautiful to style hair, but also to correct face form. Such positive effect was gained by the actress Ann Hettauey, her face has accepted more smoothed contour.

Gwyneth Paltrow also gave preference to the extended caret from direct or slightly wavy hair – it the hairstyle refreshed her face, giving it unusual tenderness. Viktoria Beckham was reversed when has appeared before admirers with short caret on fair hair. But the most favourite subject of Viktoria – the extended caret on dark hair. Constantly experiments with hairstyle of caret and Scarlett Johansson. In spite of the fact that by results of poll it is one of desired women in the world, after all fair hair with slightly curled locks suits it more. Also soft waves were preferred by Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Strope, and Catherine Heigl twisted hair in big easy curls.

Is suitable for hairstyle of caret not only wave, hair straightening, sometimes it is possible to change cardinally image, creating certain disorder on the head. So often Jennifer Lopez did, applying highlighting and kolorirovaniye.

Cameron Diaz gives also for a long time preference to the extended caret which always looks a little uncombed, however it also adds to the Hollywood star of certain highlight. Besides, the hairstyle of caret is ideally combined with smooth waves in retro style, as Zoë Saldana from Avatar in 2013 has shown.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team