The factors having negative effect on skin

The factors having negative effect on skin

the skin type, generally remains invariable throughout all our life, but the way of life and the environment can affect our skin. And knowing what factors have negative effect on our skin, we will be able to avoid them.


  1. The sun is the most dangerous of all factors of the environment. The sun is basic reason of pigmentation and also skin cancer. Avoid long impact of the sun on skin and use the moisturizing creams with SPF15 every day.
  2. Frequent bleaching of skin. Bleaching of face skin happens by removal of upper layer of epidermis. If you too often do skin bleaching, then it utonchatsya gradually. Be not fond!
  3. The stress increases cortisol level in blood. And the high level of cortisol reduces quantity of kollagen in skin, causes its inflammation and thinning. Stress relief will help to avoid spots on skin, rash and circles under eyes.
  4. Unhealthy food. The use of sweets reduce production of collagen and elastin, causing slackness of skin and appearance of wrinkles. Reduce consumption of sugar, eat fresh vegetables and fruit.
  5. Addictions. Alcohol causes organism dehydration that has negative effect on skin. Alcohol and smoking lead to significant increase in number of secretion of skin fat. And if sebaceous glands are corked, then it not only reduces protective effect of skin, but also causes her irritation, does it is older. And also there is inflammation of skin in the form of acne rash.
  6. Air conditioners. Though the conditioner can regulate temperature indoors, but at the same time it has side effects which do air indoors dry that badly affects skin. This problem can be solved, using humidifier. And also more often open windows to air the room.
  7. Lack of dream. If at night you sleep less, than 6-7 hours, then it has negative effect on condition of skin. It does not manage to have a rest and be updated. There are bags under eyes, hypostases, skin becomes flabby and drooped.
  8. Coffee and caffeine cause dehydration of organism and respectively - skin. Have no coffee often and if you drink, then consume more water to restore its loss in organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team