The main vitamins for women of all age

The main vitamins for women of all age

organism of the woman is subject to age changes and in each such period needs any given vitamins necessary for maintenance of female health. For example, in the childhood she needs the vitamins promoting the correct growth and forming of skeleton in the genital period – those which influence the haematogenic function, in old age – the strengthening bones. But there are vitamins which the woman needs to accept at any age.

Features of female body

The main distinctive feature of female body is its ability to conception and incubation of the child. This important function demands mobilization of all physical capacities and forces, emotional stability that the fruit developed normally and the child was born healthy. Incubation of children, though pleasant process, but for organism it is stress. Such stress does not pass completely and at first to be prepared for it, then to endure and compensate consequences, the woman needs to support the organism, accepting vitamins which he is not able to produce.

Remember that uncontrolled intake of some synthetic vitamins B type of additives can become the reason of gipervitaminoz.

It is known that in human body only vitamin D is produced and that in is insignificant the small doses insufficient for full development. Therefore you have to receive vitamins together with food or in the form of nutritional supplements.

The vitamins necessary for the woman at any age

Free radicals – the active molecules with unstable intramolecular bonds which are constantly developed in human body make on it negative impact, destroying cellular membranes. Therefore both girls, and elderly women need to accept the vitamins having antioxidant properties, preventing many chronic diseases and which are slowing down aging. Retinolum (vitamin A), carotinoids (vitamin C) and tocopherol (vitamin E) belongs to such vitamins.

Also group B vitamins, and especially B6, B12 and folic acid are very important for full functioning of female body and its health at any age. These vitamins stimulate work of cells of the central nervous system and brain, participate in processes of metabolism and forming of red blood cells, in DNA creation, preventing uncontrollable changes of its structure which can lead to cancer diseases.

The good and balanced nutrition not always happens enough during the critical age periods for maintenance of female health. Consult with the doctor what vitamins are required for you at this vital stage.

One more important vitamin D performs hormonal function in organism, activating digestion of calcium and phosphorus, necessary in order that bones of skeleton were strong, did not break and were not bent under weight of soft fabrics. It is especially necessary for prevention of development of osteoporosis in women of advanced age.

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