The most effective masks against hair loss

The most effective masks against hair loss

The hair loss is natural process therefore if the quantity of the filaments which are dropping out daily does not exceed 50-70, there are no reasons for concern. Another matter if hair literally climb and after each combing on hairbrush remains many hair: it is signal that it is necessary to work. Effective masks of house production will help to cope with hair loss.

Vitelline and oil cosmetic mix from hair loss

For strengthening of the weakened hair and prevention of their excessive loss recommend to prepare "treat" which recipe following for head of hear: - 1 tablespoons of burdock or castor oil;

- chicken yolk; - 2-3 leaves of aloe.

For preparation of this mix recommend to use the lower leaves of aloe. Aloe leaves (they are previously rolled up in paper and place for 3-5 days in the fridge) wash with cold water then crush in the blender or by means of the meat grinder. Further from the turned-out weight wring out juice. This juice is enriched with oil and the yolk which is shaken up in light foam.

Cover with ready mix moist hair: at first the massing movements apply this means to head skin, and after – to locks. After the head turn in food wrap and warm terry towel. Wash away mask 17-20 minutes later warm water with shampoo.

Mask from potatoes – effective remedy from hair loss

As a part of this remedy there are such components: - 1 potatoes of the average sizes; - 1-1.5 tablespoons of natural honey; - 2 tablespoons of juice of aloe. Crude potatoes are peeled from thin skin and grated then from gruel wring out juice. After potato juice enrich with honey and juice of aloe. Further cosmetic is applied on radical system and warm the head. The procedure lasts 1.5-2 hours then hair are washed with warm water with shampoo. The similar procedure is recommended to carry out twice a week.

Cosmetic mix on the basis of horse-radish at hair loss

To strengthen hair and to strengthen their growth, 200 g of root of fresh root are required. This rhizome is grated then gruel is applied on radical system and leave mask for 17-20 minutes. Wash away cool water. Of course, tears at implementation of such procedure will spill much, but the desirable result will not keep itself waiting long: horse-radish has the warming effect, strengthens inflow of blood to hair bulbs and by that strengthens hair and accelerates their growth.

Honey mix from baldness

To get rid of problem of excessive hair loss and to strengthen head of hear the honey mix prepared from such components will help: - 2-3 tablespoons of natural honey; - water liter. Boiled water is cooled to 45-50os and add to it honey. This sweet water is rubbed in head skin twice-three times a week for half an hour before washing of the head.

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