The most effective methods of epilation of intimate zone

The most effective methods of epilation of intimate zone

Excessive vegetation in zone of bikini can become source of pathogenic organisms. Therefore the epilation of intimate zone is considered the procedure, useful in terms of cosmetology and medicine. During this procedure there is removal of hair in the field of zone of armpits and bikini. In process there is destruction of hair bulb, growth of hair slows down. To choose the most optimum way of epilation, it is necessary to consider physiological features of the organism.

1. Photoepilation. Modern way of disposal of hair by method of impact of light flash. The energy of light influencing epilation zone is absorbed (melanin) painting with hair pigment. It leads to irreversible destruction of bulb and loss of hair. Further growth of hair is absent. Depending on quality, quantity and hair color it is necessary to pass about 10 sessions for achievement of the expressed lasting effect. Than hair are more dark, those need to hold less sessions of photoepilation. This method is safe, dolgosrochen and is effective.

2. Electroepilation. Many years it is applied in the field of cosmetology. In the course of the procedure of electroepilation there is destruction of follicle of hair under the influence of electric impulse. It is rather painful procedure, but it is postponed well. It allows to modify the line of intimate zone for only several sessions. But to execute deep epilation with its help it will not turn out.

3. Elos-epilyation. Is the latest development in the field of intimate epilation. It is considered that it excludes shortcomings of the most effective ways of epilation, keeping their advantages. The core of hair is subjected to influence of high temperature, and RF energy destroys hair follicle. At the same time skin in the place of epilation is exposed to cooling. It reduces risk of developing of burns and irritation. Than this method, so it lack of contraindications and long effect of the procedure.4 is really good. The epilation by means of sugar (or sugaring) is considered the most ancient ways of epilation. Its main advantage is use of components of exclusively natural origin, useful to skin. Besides the sugaring practically does not cause painful feelings. The simple recipe of production of paste for sugaring allows to make it and to carry out the procedure of epilation in house conditions and without excess monetary expenses. Also ready paste can be bought also in cosmetic shops.5. Laser epilation. This method especially suits women with the hard hair which is badly giving in to epilation. Laser energy effectively influences hair follicle, destroying it. The integrity of integuments at the same time remains.

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