The recipe of mask with activated carbon against black dots

The recipe of mask with activated carbon against black dots

Unattractive black dots most often appear on face. Despite their small size, they are well visible. The polluted skin looks good not really therefore it is worth fighting against them regularly. Ideal way to make it is the cleaning face pack. Its secret weapon — activated carbon and clay. The combination of these two components brings unexpected results.

In what reason of forming of eels?

Small, black pimples usually develop on face in those places where production of skin fat the highest. They can also be found on decollete, shoulders and back. Their congestions can be very big that influences esthetic look. So it for eels? These are defects of skin which appear as a result of contamination of hair follicles from behind excess of skin fat and the wrong peeling of epidermis. Their dark color is result of oxidation of the melanin which is contained in epidermal cages.

How to struggle with eels?

It is not recommended to squeeze eels independently because it is in such a way easy to infect skin that, in turn, can lead to formation of hems. Usually for fight against them enough regular srubs and the cleaning masks. You can make them independently at home or use the ready medicines available in drugstores.

From time to time it is worth visiting the cosmetologist who will save you from shortcomings, and your skin will become smooth and fresh. This clarification can be manual or mechanical   (microdermabrasion). Often the cosmetologist also uses acid peelings for skin exfoliation and removal of eels. If eels are followed by the pimples which are shown inflammation, then you will need to visit the dermatologist.

House cosmetics against eels

One of the most effective house remedies for fight against eels is the mask from activated carbon. This cosmetic is recommended generally to people with the fat and mixed skin. Owners of capillary skin have to put carefully mask, imposing it only on zone T, that is on forehead, nose and chin. In turn, people whose skin is sensitive or inclined to irritation, have to refuse this product completely.

The black mask for eels has very good cleaning properties. At regular use effectively fixes problem of eels. Besides, components of this mask have additional antibacterial properties and promote peeling of calloused epidermis. After its drawing, skin is well matted, and eels leave. Thus, time will be unblocked, and skin becomes ideally cleaned. The self-made black mask also helps with fight against free radicals therefore it slows down process of aging and smoothes complexion.

Black mask for eels — recipes

The mask with activated carbon can have various structure. Two recipes are given below.

1. Mask with coal and bentonite clay


2 capsules of powder of activated carbon or 2 tablets (it needs to be crushed teaspoon),

1-2 teaspoons of bentonite clay,

1-2 teaspoons of boiled and chilled water,

1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.


Mix all components of mask, do not receive uniform consistence yet. For this purpose we use nonmetallic tools because both clay, and carbon attract the toxins which are contained in metals. The face is carefully cleaned from make-up. Before application of mask it is good to prepare hot water to open time. For this purpose we will take plastic bowl in which we pour boiled water. Then we bend over its surface, we cover the head with towel and we wait until hot steam opens time on our skin.

It has to take several minutes (so far water will not cease to give steam). Thanks to this process the efficiency of black mask against eels will be even higher. Carefully wipe face towel and put ready mask. Do not forget to avoid delicate zones around eyes and lips. In 10 minutes wash up face warm water and apply the moisturizing cream.

The beneficial influence of activated carbon consists in ability to clean pores — our skin becomes smooth, free from eels. Bentonite clay, on the other hand, absorbs toxins and kills bacteria that does it by one of the most effective clays used for skin clarification.

2. Activated carbon and gelatinous mask


2 teaspoons of gelatinous powder,

2 capsules with activated carbon,

little warm milk or water.


Ingredients of mask mix up in plastic or glasswares. We add enough water to receive not really liquid consistence. We apply thick layer of warm mix to the cleaned face skin, avoiding eyes and lips and also eyebrows and lines of hair. When the mask completely dries accurately it remove. It has to come off one piece. To wash away the remains water.

Skin after drawing becomes smooth and disinfected.

The self-made cleaning mask from eels — hit of recent times. It is easy to prepare it and at the same time - it is cheap. At regular use, at least once a week, it gives very good effect of the purified and opaque skin. You remember, however, that simply use of mask is not enough for skin maintenance in perfect tune. Daily procedures of leaving which consist of clarification of skin from make-up and the remained skin fat are also necessary. Let's not forget about peelings which delete dead skin, helping to struggle with eels.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team